@LouLikesStripes - Tweeted on 22nd July 2012 23:00
July 23, 2012 <3
Today we celebrate. Celebrate the day that our 5 homos became a band. Our best friends. Our lives. If it wasn`t for them, I wouldn`t be who I am. I wouldn`t have all these friends from around the world, I wouldn`t have confidence in myself. My standards wouldn`t be super high for boys.
These boys have let me know that nothing is impossible, to always follow your dream.
Without them, my walls would be empty, I would have 10 photos on my phone instead of 10 thousand. My magazine stacks would be ten times smaller, and so would my heart.
These boys mean to much to me. They have made me smile, laugh, cry and have made me realize what family truly is. I`m glad I got to know all of you! I`m glad I got to know these 5 boys. And even though none of them have noticed me, they don`t even know I exist, I still love them from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head. I also love all you Directioners, my family. You guys have helped me with so much!
These boys have helped me with so much.
Not only are they soooo sexy, they have amazing music and personalities. I love them so much. I love this family so much.
This family is my everything. These boys are my everything. Congrats boys. I`m glad you made it :)<3
-Kelsi Skye Courtemanche
Even though I`m from California, I`m posting this their time :) hehe<3 xx