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It's Just Not That Easy; Chapter One.<3

Omg hi nigglets, I decided to write a Bieber Love Story. It might be bad, but deal with me okay? LOLOL. Ok so ya here we go.~

I held my near-empty smirnoff bottle in my right hand, my left thrown up in the air waving carelessly. I grinded freely on a boy who I didn't even know, basically the same thing I do every friday and saturday, sometimes even sunday. Occasionally on the weekdays, that's rare though. His large hands gripped my waist tightly as our bodies moved in sync, tbh I have no idea how I haven't fell flat on my face yet, I've had way too much to drink.

The song we were dancing to ended and I walked away, going to the table where the drinks sat. "Ari." I felt a hand on my shoulder, I jumped at their touch. I knew who it was, that nickname is all too familiar. There's only one person who has ever called me that- Justin Bieber. I scoffed, turning around only to find my eyes met with his beautiful brown ones. "It's been awhile." He winked. I stared at him in disgust, running off towards the crowd of dancing people. After searching a little bit I finally found Chaz Somers, my bestfriend. "Can we go?" I shouted into his ear. He nodded and left the girl he was dancing with, without any hesitation.

On the way out the door he grabbed my hand, this isn't a weird thing for us, though. We actually hold hands often, we just feel comfortable enough with each other and our friendship. It's nothing more. He led me to his car, opening and shutting the passengar door for me before running over to the driver side and getting in himself.

"So, why did you want to leave?" he asked, about five minutes into our drive home. I knew this question was coming and I had been bracing myself for it ever since I asked to leave. "Well," I sighed, "Justin showed up." His eyes buldged so big they nearly popped out his eyes, he went to say something but it came out like a "wh-ar-huh?" I giggled at him, getting serious again within a few seconds. I laid my head back on the side and squeezed my eyes shut.

"We're here." Chaz broke the comfortable silence. I peeked one eye open and noticed he was referring to my house. I sat up - stretching and yawning - before getting out of the car and walking over to his side. I insisted on him spending the night, I can't have him driving alone this late at night. He kept refusing so I did something any girl in need would do, I pulled out the big gun; aka the puppy dog pout face. "Fine." he sighed, causing me to jump up in victory. "Works every time." I poked out my tongue childishly as we walked up on my front door.

"You can sleep in my bed." I spoke lightly as we travelled up the stairs. Going up the stairs numerous times everyday can really get annoyinh, we need a elevator in my house or something. Even though it's only two stories, I'm just a lazy person. Chaz and I reached my bedroom, I quickly changed into a tank top and some shorts will Chaz pulled off his clothes in the bathroom. He walked out, wearing nothing but boxers, and jumped into my bed. He was actually sent flying up about two feet, my bed it fucking amazing. I climbed in beside him, facing the opposite way, I clenched my eyes shut and began to think. Why is Justin back? He's changed, he has better things to do other then come back here. Well, unless the only thing he wants to do is make my life a living hell- again.

It's not long but I wanted to end it here. Again? Ooohhhhhhh, wonder what that means. ;) LOL OK LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK XO.