Katie & Rachel :3
@JanoskiansHoes_ - Tweeted on 22nd July 2012 22:03
Part One, 
Lauren's Pov;

Today was a new day, I will leave all of yesterday's troubles behind and besides I am going out with the girls today, this always puts a smile on my face. But something in my bones told me today would be extra special. I quickly showered and shoved on whatever came to hand. I stuck my hair up in a bun, put minimal make-up on and headed to Courtney's place where I found all the other girls. Great I'm always late! "Right what we doing today girls?" I said. "Well we were going to catch a film and then go get dinner, is that okay?" Courtney said. "Yupp that's fine by me" I replied although I felt rather underdressed I mean the girls all had cute little outfits and had done their hair and everything. We decided to go see The Amazing Spiderman but I still couldn't shake this feeling I had, even when we were watching the movie I still couldn't help but feel something, something that was at the pit of my stomach. It was a weird but wonderful sensation. One that was hard to explain. As we walked down the street to a quiet little restaurant. Something happened. It happened. It was one of those thing were ten strangers share a common thought. One that would leave us wondering what would happen next.... 

Or so it would seem...

I know it's not long, and I know some of you aren't in it yet but FeedBack would be greatly appreciated. Positive, Negative.