Paul Vasquez
@kismek83 - Tweeted on 30th June 2012 04:20
#Lessons learned today...

It is okay to be happy.  There is nothing sinful in seeking happiness for we are all deserving of it.  We are worthy simply because we are here.  

When you accept yourself, you make it easier for others to accept you.  It`s easier to be the real you, than the fake somebody else.  Not everyone will like you.  Not everyone will accept you.   This is a part of life.  However, many people will.  Don`t be afraid to engage others in conversation.  You might be surprised how much we all have in common.  We all seek love.  We all seek happiness.  We all long to be know that we matter...that someone hears us.  However, no one can hear you if you don`t speak.  

Delight in moments of true happiness, those times when you gather together with your peers and share fellowship and laughter.  Genuine happiness is unlike anything else.  Be grateful for these moments for life can`t always be peachy, but when it is wonderful.  

Worry about tomorrow`s issues tomorrow.  Be present in today.  On we grow...