Paul Vasquez
@kismek83 - Tweeted on 25th June 2012 09:37
#Lessons learned this weekend...

You can`t expect people to live up to your standards or expectations. It isn`t fair. It`s unrealistic. And there`s nothing cute about being a curmudgeon. Breathe. Accept people for who they are. When you`re wrong, promptly admit it. 

Sometimes you must challenge yourself to change. If you aren`t moving, you aren`t growing. It is imperative that you step out of your comfort zone. You can`t expect to make new friends if you cower in the corner, scowling and judging, and have people come to you. Life doesn`t work that way. 

And lastly, thanks to someone I never expected would be so well spoken (there I go judging again)...

"You can`t pray and worry at the same time." - 50 Cent