There was a great #saint of Bengal, #Yukteshwar Giri. He was known as a great renunciate. A #wealthy person once came to him and said, ”You are a great renunciate.”
Giri laughed out loud. ”Look at him!” he said, pointing to the man. ”Look at him! He is a great renunciate himself, and he is calling me one. Don’t try to trap me with your words, my good man!”
Everyone was shocked, even his #disciples. They begged him to explain because there was no doubt that Giri was a great #renunciate. Giri said, ”Suppose there is a pile of #diamonds and a pile of pebbles. This man holds on the pebbles, while I hold on the diamonds! And he thinks I am a renunciate!” Who has renounced, Mahavir or you, #Buddha or you? You have renounced, for you hold on to rubbish. You have discarded the joy of samadhi in favor of the #anxiety-ridden affairs of the #periphery, and what have you got in exchange for your bliss is so flimsy. So coarse and crude! So stale and dirty!
The #worldly man is a great renunciate, but he thinks the sannyasin is the renunciate. In fact, worldly men look at sannyasins with pity: ”Poor things, they have left everything. They have missed all of life’s pleasures.”
They revere sannyasins and deep down pity them, too: ”Poor things! They have renounced everything without enjoying anything. At least some things they should have enjoyed!” But worldly man have no ideas whom they are talking about. The sannyasin has experienced the greatest enjoyment. He has been invited by the vast existence to partake of the greatest of all enjoyments.
One doesn't need to give up anything.Only what is needed is to know, to taste. This very taste then will slowly displace all that is useless and trivial in life. The useless just falls away; it needs not to be renounced.

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