@lovemondotrasho @JMcKinleyNYC @AdamLambert @PaulaAbdul @officialmedina @ladygaga  plez RT this? My lil sis (13) had a kidney transplant last summer. She got her kidney from the NJ Sharong Network. They are having a 5K run to raise money to continue connecting donors with recipient families. We are forever grateful o them for saving my little sisters life and we wanted to help. My fam and I created a team, Lindas Home Team, for the run. We are looking for people to donate to the team. The $ collected by the team goes to The NJ Sharing Network. If anyone (or you guys!) would like to donate (or be a runner on the team) please tweet me and I will give you directions on how to make a contribution. Thank You so much in advanced!!!

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