#Lessons learned today...
Stop putting yourself down. If someone tells you that you look nice, don't follow it up with an insult about yourself. Embrace it. You probably do look nice. We spend so much of our energy not loving ourselves and then we wonder why we're not successful in life and in love. If we used that same energy to be good to ourselves imagine the overwhelming positivity that would come our way. 

Continue counting your blessings. Life really isn't as bad as it seems sometimes. My grandfather used to tell me that when he was a kid he complained about having no shoes until he met a man that had no feet. He was probably BS-ing me (as he had a knack for doing telling me stories about how he met Leatherface, but I digress), but this was a parable that stuck with me. Count your blessings. Be grateful for all you have and much more will come your way. 

"Got my house, it still keep the cold out. 
Got my chair when my body can't hold out. 
Got my hands doing good like they 'sposed to, showing my heart to the folks that I'm close to. 
Got my eyes, though they don't see as far now. 
They see more 'bout how things really are now." 
- "I'm Here" from The Color Purple, the musical

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