Bieber Imagine Story Part 3:

I saw Ryan and Chaz in the middle of a huge basketball court. I ran from Justin's arms and Ryan and Chaz engulfed me in a huge hug. I hadn't seen them since Justin left at age 13!
"I missed you guys!" I said teary eyed.
"Well I didn't get that reaction..." Justin said jokingly, grabbing a brand new basketball.
"Whoa, you changed!"said Ryan,
and Chaz nodded in agreement. I turned to Justin.
"I already got that speech." I said with a wink. Justin smirked.
"Well, let's play some ball!" Chaz said.
"You guys know I blow at basketball, but I'll watch you guys." I replied.
"Oh no you don't. Come play!" Justin said as he grabbed my arm.
"Here, I'll show you how to shoot." said Ryan. He grabbed my hands over the ball and scooted his body close behind mine. I could smell his Axe perfume, and he wove his fingers between mine. He lifted my arms, and helped me shoot the ball.
Awkward, he was trying to make a move. Things are getting kinda weird, did I change that much?
Justin looked over and said, "Actually, me and Bayli are gonna go hang out before my tour starts. Catch you guys later." Justin said. He tapped my shoulder to lead me out of the room.
"See y'all later!" I said with a wave.
As the door closed, Justin stopped and faced me.
I spoke before he could say anything.
"WHAT IS GOING ON?" I hissed, "y'all are acting funny!"
"Well, like I told you, you changed," he said and looked away, "and Ry has a little crush on you."
"Geez, this is so awkward!" I said.
"I know," he said, "But I promise I will never make you feel awkward, and I will get you out of those situations. If you wanna talk, I'm here." he said and hugged me.
Justin was so understanding. That was why I loved having him as a bestfriend.
"Come on, we are gonna go somewhere and have some fun." he said.
"What are we gonna do?" I replied laughing.
He looked at me, grabbed my arm and we started running.
"We," he replied, "are going pranking." he laughed.

What prank will Justin pull? Give me feedback! Thanks for reading!

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