Eximus Solutions and Aastra in exciting new partnership.
In a new move Aastra UK and Eximus Solutions have agreed a partnership that enables Eximus Solutions to sell Aastra’s range of technology encompassing communication servers, terminals and applications (from mobility and call centre solutions to video and Unified Communications).
Alan Reeve, Managing Director of Aastra UK and Ireland, says: “We are delighted to be working with Eximus Solutions particularly as the team at Eximus Solutions offer a rich 30 year heritage in Aastra’s technology.
We are pleased to be striking up a new relationship with Maurice Lee who was previously the successful Managing Director of Premises Networks (a previous Aastra partner) and also with Andy Brannan who has worked for both Aastra and Ericsson in the UK.
This proven experience of our technology means that Eximus Solutions have a head start in working with us and we are confident that we can build a highly successful partnership that will provide customers with a range of tangible benefits.”

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