Long Zayn Imagine Part 5


We all heard the ref blow the whistle , telling us and the players the game has started. We all snapped our heads to the field and I was searching for (YN). I didn't see her on forward, I scanned my eyes at the back of the field and there she was. She was left wing for defense and was looking pretty good in a uniform. I kept my eyes on her for a moment. Well my eyes were on her for that moment she was talking to the other girls on defense since the ball was no where near them. (YN) turned her head and caught my gaze, she glared at me and gave me a look of anger. She probably didn't like the idea that I was watching her play. I looked her up and down and she rolled her eyes, putting her eyes back in front of her to watch the ball. The other team dribbled the ball to the other end and were coming close to (YN) and the two other girls. The girl with the ball was running towards her and (YN) didn't charge at her, she moved back every time she came closer, watching her every move. The girl got closer and when she seen (YN) she snaked left and (YN) bounced back and took the ball from her. She was very good at this game. (YN) carried the ball up a bit and booted it down the field sending it to her forward. (YN) moved back and again the other teak took control of the ball and moved towards the other two girls and (YN). The girl went right up to (YN) trying to get past her but she couldn't, so when (YN) kicked the back to her forward and the girl body checked (YN) to the ground. The ref blew the whistle and the other girl and (YN) started to fight. (YN) has a smart ass mouth so I knew this was gonna be good.


The ref blew the whistle and walked over to us. I got up and the girl from the other team snarled at me. I looked over to my friends and they opened their eyes wide. They knew that when this happened yelled and sometimes fist fighting happened. The ref got here and put the whistle down.
"Ok! Free kick from the other team!" The reff said point to the other side of the field
"What!? She body checked me ! Call it! Give her a card!" I said fighting
"You pushed me you bitch!" The girl said glaring at me
"I was the one who fucking fell! "
"Shut up you twat!"
"Your a damn whore!"
I gave her the finger and she pushed me by the shoulders. I pushed her back and the ref walked in front of us. He pushed us away from each other and walked back to the ball. I went to go walk back to my spot and the girl pushed me in the back. I lost a bit of balanced but caught myself. I turned around pushed her back harder. She kicked me in the knee and I punched her in the stomach. We ended up have a full out fist fight on the ground! The ref had to pull us apart and hold each other by the caller of our jerseys. He pulled out a red card and handed it to the other player. She grunted and walked off the field with it. The ref turned to me and started to talk.
"I could have given you a red card but I didn't because you didn't start it. Next time watch your hands ok?" He said loud but not rudely
"Ok ref thanks." I said
He nodded and walked away to the ball again. I looked over to Tasha and she was starting to laugh with me. I walked over to her and put my face into her shoulder laughing hard. I walked away and went back to my spot.

The game ended and we won 2-0. We all got off the field and went to the bench to grab our things. We all stayed there for a bit just talking until we all had to leave. I started to walk off the field and running towards me was Millie,Tina and Rose. Behind them was Niall,Harry,Louis,Liam and Zayn. I rolled my eyes when Rose attacked me with a hug.
"Rose I'm all sweaty and nasty!!" I say laughing
"I don't care I'm giving you a hug!" She says laughing at well
"You did great! And when you started to fight with that girl!" Tina said
"Yeah , you totally won! " Millie said
"Yeah I know,she was a fucking twat I know that!" I said
"Hey love, told you you would see me here today." Zayn said with a wink
Than it hit me. I went from smiling to my mouth going into a 'O' form. I looked to him as Tina,Millie and Rose stood beside me letting me look around to Zayn. He was the fucking ass texting me!
"You were the one texting me!?" I said almost in a freak out
"Ya, and I can't believe you didn't know it was me." Zayn said with a chuckle
"But it came up with no caller I'd because I didn't have that number in my contacts, but I have your number in my contacts so it would of come up! Your such an ass!"
"That's because I was texting you with Liam's phone."
"He does not have my number tho."
"I texted Rose with his phone and asked for your number."
"What!? He asked nicely." Rose said smiling
"And thank you Rose." Zayn said to her
"No one tells me anything!" I said
"So you put my number in your phone?" Zayn asked
"What? No, I wouldn't do that." I said trying to keep cool
"You said you had my number in your phone and that's why you didn't know it was me."
"So you did put the number in your phone!!" Tina exclaimed
"Uhh..............." I said not knowing what to say next
"Oh my gosh you did!!" Millie said with a smile
"Ok I did! But only because he put his number in my pocket!" I said irritated
"So my number is in your phone." Zayn said with a chuckle
"But its not like I'm ever gonna use it! I just put it in there because I did."
"I'm sure your gonna use it sometime love."
"Yeah, no I'm not. "
"You won't be saying that later."
"Your delusional Zayn. "

I rolled my eyes and I started to walk away, going to go to my moms car so she could drive me home. About half away down the field Millie ,Rose and Tina ran after me. The stopped me and I turned around.
"Are you ok?" Tina asked
"Yes I'm fine! He's just so full of himself!" I stated
"That's because he likes you! He has to be cocky."
"He does not like me! And even if he did does not mean he has to act cocky with me."
"Come on (YN) ! Give him a chance!"
"I don't like him ! End of story."
"I know you kind of do (YN) don't hide it! He likes you and you like him give it up!"
"Ok I'm going, do you guys need a ride home or are you going with them to hang out or something?"
"Well I'm gonna go hang out with the boys they invited me to after the game."
"They invited all of us, including you so it would be really nice if after you got home you would hang with us." Millie asked
"No thanks, I don't want to be around him." I said
"(YN) its hard to be around people when one of your bestfriends does not like them!" Rose said
"I never said I don't like them, they are all nice! Accept for Zayn." I said
"Ughh, well come on let's go than." Millie said
Me ,Rose and Millie walked to the car and Tina turned around to go hang with the boys. My mom drove everyone home and when I got home I dropped my water bottle and soccer ball down on the floor. I walked upstairs and took off my soccer uniform. I took my hair out and it was drenched in sweat. I got a towel out of the hall closet and walked to the bathroom. I check my phone, it was 12:30 now. I put my phone back in my room and walked into my shower. As the warm water hit my face it gave me sometime to think about Zayn. I was falling for him , my friends were right but I wasn't gonna let them know. He was sweet, he was really cocky sometimes but not a rude cocky, but confident. I got out of the shower and put on some clothes. After I did that I let my hair air dry and I walked down stairs with my phone. I sat down on the couch and turned the TV on.
"(YN), I'm going to work now ok? I won't be back until 11:30." My mom told
"Ok, what about dad ? When will he be coming home?" I asked
"He left for work while we were at football so he won't be back until 12:00"
"Ok mom, could I have friends over later today if I wanted?"
"Yeah sure, now I have to go bye love you."
"Love you too."
My mom locked the door and I heard the car leave the driveway. I picked up my phone and looked though my text messages. I had one from Millie and one from Zayn. I rolled my eyes at the sight of Zayn's name but also bit my lip. I opened up the one from Millie first.

"Hey (YN),later tonight do you wanna come hang out with me Rose and Tina at my place? Text me if you would be aloud- Millie xx"

I than read the text from Zayn.

"Hi love, you played great today. What are you doing now? ;)-Zayn xx"

I nodded my head and laughed . This boy had so much confidence it was more than you should have. It was attractive on him tho. And I honestly really liked it! I texted Millie back.

"Hey Millie, and yeah sure! This better not be a trick when the boys end up being there -_- -(YN)xx"

I pressed send and then texted Zayn.

"Your opinion on how I played is not need at the moment, but thanks ;) What I'm doing now is nothing you need to know-(YN)xx"

I put my phone down and continued to watch TV waiting for them to text me back. My phone vibrated and I looked down. I was getting a phone call and it was from Millie. I picked it up and answered it.
"Hey Millie!" I said watching TV
"Hey (YN), so you gonna come hang with us tonight?" Millie asked
"Depends, who's going to be there, tell me everyone who's going to be there this time no surprises."
"Ok no surprises, me,Rose,Tina,Liam,Louis,Harry,Niall and Zayn."
"Oh Zayn, sorry I have something to do."
"(YN) ! Don't be like that!"
"Ok fine, you caught me, I'm sick. Cough cough."
"You suck."
"Yeah I know."
"Please come ! I beg of you please?"
"Are they there now?"
"Am not!"
"I can tell when you lie Millie they are there!"
"Ok so they are, would it make you feel better if you talked to Zayn?"
"HELL NO! What part of I don't like him don't you understand?"
"The I don't like him part, even tho you do."
"But I don't! Why do you think that? You know what never mind."
"Just please come tonight?"
"I will think about it ok?"
"Call me back in 5 with your answer."
Me and Millie both hung up the phone and now I had make up my mind if I wanted to go or not.

So that's part 5 ! I hope you guys liked it , I would really like feedback :) RT and read please, love you all -Becca xx

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