Okay here is the deal.
Earlier I tried to get a omegle hunger games web chat under way. I gained lots of attention (in fact 300 views on my tweet), however not enough people pulled through for it to work.

This time, to make it much bigger and better, we need all of you to join and help get this thing under way! (IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT OMEGLE IS SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM.)

In at 7pm tonight!,(English time) or 1pm(USA central) I am going to begin the Omegle chat room for hunger games. All you need to do is log onto your laptop, type in and then write in the interest column "nightlock" then click on video. This means we can chat chat to each-other, then when the chat is over talk to another tribute!

If we want this to happen, I need all of you here to do it! even if you can't make the chat please RT and help get attention. To make this work, I need AT-LEAST 20 people who will definitely be here to do it!

Please help tributes get to know each other by joining this! The more people we get, the better this will be! so as soon as you get this, pass it onto other people so as many people can see it as possible,!!!!!

when you are on omegle, you can turn of camera or mic if you don't want yor face! Please do this as it will be great for tributes to get to know one and another. RT and tweet this as it will be awesome!!!!!!

** is an online webcam site where you randomly chat people from across the globe. You can type in something of interest in the interest box and then ONLY talk to people who share the same interests. Be aware there is some explicit content, and if you feel uncomfortable by anyone you just have to disconnect.*

Hope you can join the #nightlockomeglechat
Love from @nightlockaddict A.K.A Ella:*

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