As fans of @thewantedmusic we're worried. Yesterday's announcement about #wantedworld has brought unresolved issues to the surface... over things we believe have been swept under the carpet. So we decided to create this Twitter because we think it's about time #UKtwfanmily got heard.

Let's start with #WantedWorld - we understand that the boys are getting bigger and with that comes big changes. However, this feels horribly like a big fat money making exercise and takes away from the music and the relationship with the fanbase that makes our band so special. Why is it right that this oppurtunity is available only to those with more money?!

Another issue that has started to annoy us is the fact that no one has mentioned officially the split with @JayneCollinsMac's management or the fact that they don't seem to have replaced her. There has been no fanmail address for months, despite @NathanTheWanted promising this. What is going on?

Even simple things like no longer having Friday Friday, the "Americanisms" that are used by American Management on @thewantedmusic and shorter Wanted Wednesday flips. We know the boys are extremely busy and are being pulled in lots of directions, but these things have been a staple of the #twfanmily for 2 years and a part of their success.

Our biggest concern is that the people around the boys no longer appear to be prioritising UK singles, albums and tours. We have been teased and promised single and tour news but have had no announcements or even an indication of when this will be.

The thing that upset us most was the fact that the boys spent half of the last single release week in America and did very little promotion for it in the UK, denying them the #1 record that they most definitely deserved and would have got had they been allowed to put the time & effort in that went into previous singles. Achieving #1 with All Time Low for a relatively unknown band was their greatest accomplishment and this is something that never ever gets mentioned because 'Glad You Came' was their first "International" hit. We don't want this to be forgotten.

The biggest loss to the #twfanmily has been @Martin911 :[ he was an awesome tour manager who looked after the boys better than anyone else ever could. He worked really hard for them to help them on their road to success and seems to have been discarded at the drop of a hat. This upsets us so much.

We're worried that everyone to do with the boys these days appears to be based in LA and that @scooterbraun is making decisions that are not in the best interests of the bands UK career. To be clear, @scooterbraun is now their worldwide manager. Their is NO UK management and it is blatently obvious that @scooterbraun doesn't seem to give a damn about anywhere outside of America. @scooterbraun rarely seems to put any effort into promoting or being positive about the boys off his twitter and all we ever hear about is @JustinBieber and @CarlyRaeJepsen's success. When it comes to the boys, it's all about how "wild" they are and focuses on their party lifestyle. There is so much more to them than that.

Don't get us wrong, we all want the boys to be massive in America because they deserve every success in the world. This isn't about bashing the boys because we love them. This is not about bashing America because even a lot of the American fans are upset at the direction that the band seem to be heading in. However, we don't want their American career to be at the cost of their UK fanbase, who made them who they are.

Please don't forget about us.


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