Niall #imagine (WARNING DIRTY!)
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You're at the club with your boyfriend celebrating.
The music blared out, you had a few drinks and so did Niall.
Both of you weren't drunk yet but as you were sitting in the VIP area on the couch.
Niall's hand begun to go further up your thigh.
He whispered in your ear "you look so hot in this dress"
Which made you slightly blush.
He whispered again "don't blush it makes me want you even more" he nibbles on your ear and sits back.
Smirking to himself.
"Niall I'm gonna get a drink"
"Wait, Cameron ill come with you"
He blurts out while grasping your hand.
Turns out he was heading to the door.
"Niall where are we going?"
He grins widely and says "you'll see"
When you got out he leads you to his car.
"Get in the car" he says as he opens the back door.
You do as he says.
Then he gets in too. You can see the lust in his eyes
"What are we doing here?" He doesn't respond he just grabs your face and crashes his lips on yours. A furiously hot make out session between the two of you.
With one movement your on top of him while he unzipped the back of your dress.
"As much as you look so hot in this dress I'd rather see it off of you" and he reconnects his lips with yours.
He takes the dress off and throws it next to him. While you pull his shirt over his head and undo his jeans. Niall unclips your bra and begins eyeing your boobs.
He starts kissing down your neck, his lips find their way to your breasts and he begins to suck and lick on them.
You moan and shiver at his touch.
You feel his cock hardened and you rub on it, he moans while his lips are on your breasts which makes you moan louder.
He takes off your underwear and lays you down so he's on top of you. He kisses his way to your stomach until he reaches your wet pussy. He softly spreads your legs.
He smirks satisfied of himself.
"Did I make you this wet?"
Without any warning he starts licking you.
His tongue discovering every bit of your pussy and he thrusts his tongue in and out at an amazing speed.
You whimper as he moans.
He stops and makes out with you again. Then he rams his middle finger in you. You gasp but bite your lip so you don't moan so loud.
He enters his tongue in your mouth gaining dominance.
When you cum on his finger he takes it out and looks at you before licking it all clean.
He starts kissing you again and you kiss him back with more passion.
"Ready?" He positions himself
You nod your head and he enters you.
Letting you adjust to his size.
Then after some seconds, you moan.
He starts thrusting. He thrusts harder and harder.
As sweat rolls down on the side of his forehead.
He keeps pounding in you until you both reach your climax and you feel his warm liquid filling you.
He collapses on top of you breathing heavily.
"Cameron that was.. Amazing"
You giggle and nod in agreement.
"I love you Niall"
"I love you too" he kisses you, as you both throw your clothes back on and head back home

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