Liam #imagine (WARNING DIRTY!)
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You & your fiancé just bought a house together. And you just finished packing.
It had an indoor pool.
"Hey Alex, wanna go for a swim?" Liam asked excitedly.
You smiled "Sure!"
You went upstairs and changed into a tight floral strapless bikini.
You put the towel on the chair, he couldn't get his eyes off of you.
He was standing behind you when you turn around "Uh you look .. Umm wow" he gulps.
You giggle and wrap your hands on his neck and give him a light kiss.
"So do you" you give him a wink.
You dive into the pool and swim, often goofing off with Liam.
Then when your on the edge of the pool Liam stands in front of you.
Lust filling his eyes, you knew exactly what he wanted.
You bite your lower lip trying to hide a smirk because you felt his swimming trunks get tighter.
He puts his arms on your waist and pulls you close, connecting your lips together.
He breathes onto your lips which made you want him even more.
You crash your lips onto his, kissing him hungrily.
"I need you" he whispers in your ear huskily.
He starts tracing kisses down your jaw line onto your neck you whimper as you feel his lips touch your sensitive skin. Once his lips find yours you start kissing back loving the feeling of his hot soft lips on yours.
After a while he pulls away as presses his body against yours.
He moves his lips down to your neck and leaves love bites wherever he pleases.
His hands around your back while he unhooks your bikini top letting it fall off of you.
His hands roam around your body when he stops at your breasts a quiet moan escaped your lips as he massaged them.
Your hands automatically go down to his shaft rubbing it.
A low moan rumbles deep in his chest.
Once you feel his growing bulge rub against your thigh removing the minimal space between you.
You softly groan.
He just laughs quietly at your frustration.
His hand slip through your bikini bottom and rubs your clit tenderly.
You throw your head back in pleasure.
Suddenly he shoves two of his fingers, you gasp squeezing your eyes shut as he pumps his fingers in and out with great pace.
You start moaning as he rams his fingers in you harder
"You like that baby?" He says, satisfied.
You just smile and nod.
He pulls them out, and stares at you while he pulls your bottom down.
He kisses you again and you happily kiss him back and yank his swimming trunk revealing his already hardened length.
You automatically wrap your legs around his toned torso.
He places his lips onto yours kissing you roughly but turns into a soft loving kiss.
Liam licks your bottom lip begging for entrance, you decide to tease him so you deny.
He's running his hands from your back to your bum.
You moan unintentionally so he takes the opportunity and snakes his tongue in your mouth.
His tongue wrestles with yours wanting dominance, his hands travel down your body.
He pulls away and starts sucking on your neck until he gets to your breasts and cups them with his hand.
He takes one of your nipples in his mouth and starts flicking his tongue around it you moan loudly.
You feel the tip of his length rub against your entrance.
He spreads your legs allowing him full access to you. Then he pushes himself in you.
He gives you a bit of time so you can adjust.
You throw your head back and moan.
He thrusts and you scream his name breathlessly.
His thrusts became faster sending waves through the pool.
His dick slams against your g-spot and his name spilling from your mouth non stop.
You feel the pleasure building up in your core.
"Liam!" You scream as you finally reach your climax soon followed by a familiar warm liquid spreading inside of you.
He pulls out, your chest rising and falling due to your heavy breathing.
He rests his forehead on yours
"Alex.. That was unbelievable" he announced.
You giggled and gave him a kiss before you got out of the pool.

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