@tromney If the Pres is really so outraged by the low tax rates paid by the financially successful, what does it say about him as a leader that he has wholly failed, even with a Democratic Congress, to change the Tax Code to address these rates? It shows that the man can talk a good game but cannot follow up with real action. There may be a simple solution to the gridlock in Washington: replace the man of talk with a man of action. Good speaking skills may make you a good law professor or community organizer but, as this Pres has shown, does not make you a good president. Begin to demand action not words. Begin to demand results not more empty promises. I would tell the Pres to put up or shut up but he's had close to 4 years to do so and unfortunately, he has not put up and has refused to shut up. Maybe it's time for him to give up instead of continuing to drag down the country.

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