Part One)


I sat in silence in my bedroom, for almost an hour just listening to my parents arguing. They didn't relize I was home; they thought I stayed at my friends house, but I didn't. I hadn't known what to do; do I just sit here and cry? do I go out there and stop them? I had all these questions traveling through my head, I hadn't relized that they stopped, what I did realize was my dad storming out of the house and driving away. I could hear my mom sniffling from her room. That's when I ran out if my room to hers, and just stood in the doorway. "Sara," My mom looked up at me "I didn't know you were home." Instead of replying I just walked over and held her my arms.

-one week later-

I was late to class, again. I've been late to class everyday now; for five days. all week.
I walked up to my best friend Karlee, she was so stunning. I was jealous. "Hey," She jumped. "Wow, I didnt know you were right there." she said as she closed her locker. "Ya, I'm practically invisible to everyone." I said as we walked to lunch. "Well Sara," She stopped and sat down at our table, the one in the very back. "I met a new boy today, and he's sitting with us." I just started at her blankly. Evrytime she says someone is sitting with us, they usually sit with someone else. "Ya, sure." I grabbed my sandwich and took the biggest bite ever. "In a matter of fact, here he is." she gives a me a grin as she points to the very attractive boy. "Hi," Karlee says to the boy "Nick, this is my best friend Sara," sHe looks at me and says "Sara this is nick" I just nod and say hey.

I really got to know Nick, he was actually a very funny, nice, and just plain cool. "So, need a ride home" He said as we were walking out of the school building. "Uhm," I thought; Bus or A ride home from a cute boy "Yes please." As we walked to his car I could fill his hand brushing against mine. I quickly scooted away from him.

The car ride to my house was quiet. As we approached my house I sighed. "Thanks for the ride nick." I opened his car door and and closed it right before he said "Hey Sara," I turned around quickly and stared at him. "We should hang out sometime. Ya know." Yes, yes I do know. But all I said was "Ya."


I got a call from Karlee, hoping it was nick.
"Hello?" I said through the phone.
"So." Is all she said
"You got a ride from nick huh?"
I smiled a little.
My phone beeped and it said I got another call.
"Hey, Karlee I gotta answer this."



I thought about calling Sara. I really like her. But I just met her.

The phone was ringing. What if he doesn't wanna hang out?
"Hello?" Her voice rang through my ears
"Sara?" My voice got high as I said her name
We were talking for another thirty minutes when I asked "Do you want to go to the movies with me?"


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