Harry imagine -
#imagine You and Harry were best friends since childhood and you`ve had feelings for him since childhood but never really knew how to tell him.. you were neighbours (still are, you speak to Ann all the time) Harry had entered the x-factor and ended up in this band with 4 other really attractive guys.. They came 3rd in the x-factor which was pretty disappointing but they got a record deal and are the biggest boyband in the world.
*You and Harry were watching movies the day before he was leaving to go on tour* Harry: [Y/N] I`m really gonna miss you.. You: awww. Harry I`m gonna miss you so much too.

*skipping to when they are almost done with the tour and are coming home*

they`ve been on tour for almost a year. You miss harry lots! You were watching one of their interviews that they had in America. The interviewer said "what would you change about your life right now?" all the boys said to see friends and family more Harry also said. "[Y/N] I doubt your watching this but if you are.. You`ve got to know I miss you so much and I`ve never stopped thinking about you since the day I left to go tour. I`ll be home soon" the interviewer said *looking shocked* "Harry is [Y/N] your girlfriend?" he smiled at the ground and giggled "no, just a really really good friend" your jaw dropped. You smiled widely with tears running down your face. You tried phoning Harry.. He actually answered. You: "Harry?" Harry: "Hello?" You: It`s [Y/N], I saw your interview. Harry: OMG. [Y/N] you don`t know how much I want to hug you. I miss you and your hugs(; You: "aww, Harry your so sweet. I don`t know how to say this but I think I lo---" you were interrupted by him saying "listen I have to go but I`m coming home tomorrow for a week. I`ll come over. Bye." you were going to tell Harry that you`ve always loved him but just didn`t know how to say it before. Anyway, you started running around smiling like an idiot because Harry was coming back!!!

*skipping the rest of the day*
You were about to sleep and you got a text.. It was from Harry it said "I`m on the plane on my way home from America. I can`t wait to see you. I need to speak to you about... Something important. X x x x" you just lay there smiling at the text but also thought.. I wonder what he wants to talk about. You replied: "omg yay! I can`t wait to see you.. And I need to talk to you too. See you tomorrow x x x x" after that, you feel asleep.
*next morning*
You got up at 10am had a shower and chose something casual to wear today (it was really hot!) you decided to wear denim shorts and a crop top and converse. You dried your hair and chucked it up in a messy bun. *Harry text you* it said: Hey I`ll be over at 12 if that`s okay x" you replied "yeah, that`s fine see you soon. X" it was finally 12 *knock, knock* you ran to the door. And standing there was your beautiful best friend Harry that you were madly in love with. Harry: hey!!! *pulls you in for a tight hug* You: hey, I`ve missed you. Come in. Harry: "I`ve missed you too, babe." okay that was weird Harry`s never called you "babe" before... *You were sitting on the couch and Harry was telling you about the tour and that* You: sounds like you had an amazing time! Harry: yeah I really did.. But the one thing that annoyed me was you weren`t there to have amazing time with me." *Harry looks into your eyes* omg, his eyes were perfect the were soo green and just.. Wow. Suddenly, Harry got really close to you.. (you didn`t mind it at all(; but thought "what is he doing?") in that moment, his lips crashed against yours.. You kissed him back. Your hands around his neck and his hands were around your waist.. Omg this was amazing.. Your first kiss with Harry.. It was magical. After he pulled back he said "that`s what I needed to do, that`s what I needed to tell you." *he smiled his cheesy little smile* you just hugged him with your head against his strong chest and said "Harry.. What I needed to tell you was.. That the first time I laid eyes on you I feel in love.. But just never knew how to tell you." "Omg babe," Harry said *stroking your hair* "I`ve always loved you too." you look up at him smiling widely.. "seriously?!, omg you don`t know how happy that makes me." Harry: so, does this mean you`ll be my girlfriend?(; you: OF COURSE I WILL BABE. *Harry just smiles at you and kisses you passionately on the lips* you both spent the rest of the day in your room watching movies, cuddling and kissing. :]

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