Fanfic 1 Chapter 1, sorry it is quite long guys! I need feedback because i'm really not sure!


My alarm blaring awoke me from the peaceful sleep I was in, I was just about to fall back asleep again when it dawned on me, today was the day I was finally going to meet Jessie J. I had waited for months for this moment, now it was finally here. I couldn't believe it. The butterflies in my stomach reminding me of this fact. I quickly rang my friend Lucy to make sure she was up before running about like a lunatic getting ready. I had to look my best, it wasn't everyday I got to go to a Jessie J concert as a “Very Important Heartbeat” and had the chance to meet her, 1wanted to make an impression, her music had helped me so much I wanted to say thank you in person. I always knew I was bisexual and it was something i embraced. Unfortunately not everyone seen it that way and my family had disowned me when I came out to them and most of my friends had disappeared too, so I moved out and got my own flat in London where I met my best friend Lucy, she was the only one who accepted me for me and I loved her for it.

Lucy was a fan of Jessie too, however she wasn't as obsessed as me but she was ever so happy to accept the extra ticket I bought so we could meet Jessie together. It was 1pm by the time I had finally got ready, I had planned this outfit for months, I was wearing a long white t-shirt with a heart symbol on it with my favourite black skinny jeans and white converse. I had to make sure I was comfortable with what I was wearing. I always remembered Jessie saying how if you weren’t comfortable in the clothes you were wearing you wouldn't look comfortable and I gathered this would make me stand out when that was the least I wanted to do. I was a shy person, although I had my own flat and studied photography at uni, I was still reserved, I didn't mind my own company.

I quickly grabbed a bottle of water and headed out the door. I picked Lucy up and we made our way to the 02 in London, Lucy was quiet in the car. “What’s up Luce?” I asked. “I feel a little weird but I’ll be fine I think it's just the nerves I keep going over in my head what I’m going to say to Jessie” we both giggled. I hadn't even thought of that, but I told myself it would end up out the window by the time I was face to face with Jessie anyway, so I tried to stay calm.

We arrived at the 02 at half past 5, just a half hour before we finally were allowed in. We met other heartbeats in the queue and in what felt like 2 minutes, we were finally took in to meet Jessie.

We were finally waiting outside this small room, just 2 people at a time were allowed in to meet Jessie, as we drew nearer, the more nervous I was, what was I actually going to say? I looked over to Lucy and she looked even worse than me. “Are you ok babe?” “Charley, I feel sick” she replied, I quickly reassured her she would be fine before finally it was our turn.

“NEXT” this tall, well built man shouted. Lucy grabbed my hand and we walked slowly through the door. A gasp left my lips as I finally saw her, WOW,i found myself struggling to get my breath. She really was beautiful....


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