Long Liam Imagine Part 21


I opened the window and slightly put my head out. I still had that feeling and it wouldn't go away. I didn't wanna puke well the car was still moving so I started to hit the side of the car getting Louis attention.
"Louis......Stop the car,Now." I said egor
Louis Stopped the car and pulled over near the side of the road. Other cars still driving I opened my car door and hurled myself on the grass. Getting on my knees I brought my face over more and puked up the blood feeling more sick than ever. All I could hear right now was Niall saying helpful and comforting words to me so I would be calm. I kept puking and puking up blood well my tears were pouring out of my eyes like a river. I wipe my mouth with the side of my shirt and got back up on my feet.
"Ok Mike come sit in the front with me (YN) you say in the back with Harry so you can lay down ok?" Louis said
"No no I'm fine to be in the front really I am." I said debating with him
"(YN) I want you to lay down until we get to the hospital so don't fight with me right now."
We all got in the car, Mike in the front with Louis and I was now in the back laying down on Harry. My head on his lap and my feet on the seat beside him. I tried to sleep but I couldn't, Harry stroking my hair didn't make me feel any better but I was not complaining. Harry wiped away a tear falling from my eye with his thumb. Ever 2 minutes I had Louis asking me if I was ok and if I felt sick anymore. Of course I'm not ok! I don't have Liam.
"(YN) are you sure your ok?" Louis asked for the 100th time
"OF COURSE IM NOT OK LOUIS !" I said blowing my top
"Okay then....I'm gonna take that as a no."
"I'm sorry its just , I don't have Liam and I lost him to Andrea and I'm so confused ."
"Its ok, don't be sorry. I know this is confusing for you and all you wanna do is cry but right now you need to focus on your health."
"Your right. I just wish Liam would believe me , I can't believe I lost him to Andrea.".
"If it helps, we are as shocked as you?" Zayn added
"Zayn, I don't really think she wants to hear that." Niall says to Zayn
"We can talk about this when we get to the hospital right now let's just be quiet to (YN) can try to sleep." Louis said
"You guys can talk I don't care, I can't sleep anyways." I said


We were almost at the hospital , just a few more minutes and we would be there. (YN) was asleep on Harrys lap well he was playing with her hair, Mike Zayn and Niall were all talking and I just had to keep my eyes on the road. My phone started to vibrate but I couldn't get to it because I was driving.
"Mike, check to see who text or called me." I said pointing to my phone
Mike moved forward to grab my phone off the dashbord and got it. He checked my phone and turned to me.
"Its Liam. Do you want me to read it?" Mike asked
"Yeah, read it out loud ok?" I said
"Ok, it says.........."Hey Louis, sorry about earlier mate. Where r u?" "
"He should be sorry about earlier! God he does not think sometimes."
"Well do you wanna reply or just leave it like that ?"
"Reply to him."
"Here Harry, you type. I'm slower than I should be at texting." Mike said handing Harry my cell phone
"Ok , what do you want me to write him?" Harry asked
"Tell him " you should be sorry for earlier it was not right of you. And I don't know since (YN) has a lot of bruises and marks on her body where the hell do you think I'm going"" I told him
I heard the clicking of each button as Harry typed and typed. I heard a soft and small groan. I looked back, but very fast and seen (YN) flinch a little bit. I put my eyes back on the road and Mike looked back to.
"Is (YN) awake?" I asked
"I think so, she's starting to move." Mike answered
"Good because we are 2 minutes away from the hospital."
We got to the hospital and I parked the car. (YN) woke up and Harry helped her out of the car. We all got out and walked inside to the front desk.
"Hello welcome to (name of hospital) , how may I help you?" A young lady asked
"Hi I'm (YN) I got a call about 2 or 3 hours ago saying I should come here and if I went to the front desk they would direct me?" (YN) said
"Can I have the name of your doctor please?"
"Umm doctor Lenther."
"Ok you have to go to floor 3 room 322."
"Thank you."
"Your welcome."
The lady gave us a warm smile. We all walked with (YN) down the hall walking towards the stairs. Before would could make it to the stairs a voice was directed to us. We all turned around to see the lady from the front desk not far behind us.
"Umm sorry but are all of you going with her?" The lady asked kindly
"Uhh yeah we are , is that ok?" Zayn asked
"I'm sorry the hospital will only let 3 people in the room at a time. I'm sorry if I could have it my way everyone could go in."
"Oh ok well thank you for letting us know."
The lady smiled again and walked back to the desk. We all turned to (YN), she looked really pale.

"Who's going to go in the room with (YN)?" Harry questioned
"Well um Louis has to go for sure ." Zayn pointed out
"Yeah true, so who will come with me?" I asked
"I want to come!" Niall said
"But I want to go with (YN) Louis." Mike said
"No she was on my lap in the car I get to go." Harry said
"Hey that's not fair! Maybe I should go!" Zayn yelled
"All of you shut up! Ok. Let (YN) pick." I suggested
"What......I have to pick? Oh god........" (YN) said in pain " Ummm, Zayn come on. Now let's go!"
"YESS! See ya!" Zayn shouted

Me (YN) and Zayn walked to the 3rd floor and got to the room (Yn) would need to be in. We knocked on the door and doctor Lenther came to open the door.
"Hi (YN) , Louis and you are?" He asked looking to Zayn
"Zayn." He answered
"Zayn. Hi Zayn I'm doctor Lenther."
"Hi ."
Zayn and doctor Lenther did a friendly hand shake and we walked into the room. We shut the door behind us, (YN) sat down on the hospital bed and me and Zayn sat down on two chairs in the room.
"Hello, Now has anything happened since I called?" Doctor Lenther asked
"Uhh yeah on the way here I puked up some more blood." (YN) answered
"Ok I see. Now have you had any head aches?"
"No just the blood that's it."
"Ok now from what I told you on the phone your body is in a fragile state from all the bruises."
"Should I be worried about this? Well its not that I'm not but should I be really really worried?"
"Well no , you are here now so if anything does happen you will be fine."
"Ok thank you."
"No problem."
"What will you guys be doing to (YN) well she is here?" I asked
"Well her blood count is low so we need to give her a blood transfusion and give her some IV 's. Than we will do what we need to do from there." Doctor Lenther said


We sat down stairs wondering what's going on upstairs with (YN). I pulled out my phone to check the time. It was 6:30. I put it back in my pocket and looked over to Harry , he was on his phone texting.
"Hey is Liam texting Louis still?" Mike asked
"I don't know, I assume he is but Louis might not be answering." I said puzzled
"Well I know for sure he's texting me." Harry said
"He is? What is he saying?"
"He's just asking what's going on with (YN)."
"Well what did you say?"
"I didn't answer yet, I don't think I should."
"You should call him than we cann all yell at him." Mike said
"Yeah I like the way he thinks let's do it!" I said agreeing with him
"Guys that's not right! I'm going to call and yell at him you can just listen." Harry responded
Harry dialed Liams number and pressed the phone to his ear. Me and Mike stood really close to Harry trying to see if we could listen to the conversation. The phone rang a bung of times before Liam answered.
"Hello?" I heard Liam say faintly
"Hey , its Harry." Harry said
Liam was talking but me and Mike couldn't hear it or understand anything he ways saying. Me and Mike we mouthing to Harry for him to tell us what he is saying. Harry waved his hand in front of us, signaling us to be quiet.
"Yeah maybe you would know how she's doing if you didn't leave with you bitch and was here to believe (YN)!" Harry shouted
Me and Mike looked around. A lot of people had their eyes on us and than continued to do what ever they were doing.
"Oh please! You wouldn't care about her even if she was dying Liam!" Harry said with anger
"Shhh Harry, everyone can hear you." Mike whispered
"I can't believe you didn't believe her! Now she's in the hospital without you! " Harry said
"Harry go outside and talk." I said
Harry nodded and we all walked outside. We walked in front the hospital and started to walk around.
"Yeah well I'm not aloud to tell you this but (YN) is hurt right now so I'm going to tell you! If you didn't notice she is kind of in love with you! The whole car ride her she was crying because you were not here ! I don't know what's wrong with you Liam but call me when you are done with Andrea!" Harry said.
He hung up the phone and put his hands though his hair.

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