Niall #imagine (WARNING DIRTY!)
"Naughty Waitress"

Tonight you decided to tease Niall for a bit just because he teased you last night so you went to the store, got the stuff you needed and went to the costume shop to buy a naughty waitress outfit which was very tight.

And it was very short.
You put rose petals on the floor that leaded to the bedroom.
You brought the nutella and put it on the bedside table.
He was out with the boys so he can get back at anytime.

You went to change into the outfit and didn't bother to wear anything underneath.
You sat on the bed waiting, then you heard a creak coming from the door.
You just stood there smirking seductively.

"Hey babe I'm home wha--" his eyes widen when he saw you

"Hello" you replied and walked over to him.

He's still surprised.

"Wha- what are you doing" he gulped.

While you took his jacket off.
And kissed his neck.
You where behind him and you unbuttoned his top from behind slowly tracing your fingers on his sculpted abs.

"Can't I do something for my boyfriend?"

Then you stood in front of him.
His eyes were on your breasts because of how tight the outfit was.


You said leaning for a kiss, the kiss turned out to a make out session.
His hands on your ass, and your hands on his neck.
You stopped kissing and leaded him to the bed

"Sit" you command

He sits, you take his top off and throw it on the floor, he's still eyeing your breasts, you giggled and you saw his bulge getting bigger by the minute.
You sucked on his collarbone.

"Lay down" you told him

He did what you said,
You pecked his lips till his stomach, you looked at him and unzipped his jeans and slipped his boxers off, you sit on top off him and kiss him then you went down again

And you grabbed the nutella and opened it,
Took the spoon dipped it in and put it on his dick, he was shocked to see the naughty girl in you but delighted as well.

You licked and licked until it was fully clean. He moaned your name the whole time. You started to make out with him again and he tugged on your dress and unbuttoned it then when he saw your breasts dying to suck and lick on them his eyes full of lust.

"Do it"

After you say that he attacks you with kisses, and sucks on them.
He gets on top of you and grabs the nutella and puts it on your breasts and licks it all clean you moan and get wetter and wetter.

He took your whole dress off and admired your body.
He went to your pussy and stuck his tongue in and out really hard.
You moaned in pleasure and pain.

He sucked one more time and kissed you. He rubs your throbbing clit
And with no warning he put his hard cock in you. You screamed in pain

He thrusts slowly to not hurt you that much.

"I'm sorry" he said but the pleasure kicked in.

You moaned loudly.


He thrusts faster and harder you feel a tingly feeling then you cum into his cock and he cums into you.
He lays panting next you.

"I'm wow that.. Wow"

You giggled and kissed his forehead and fell asleep in his safe arms.

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