Harry #imagine (WARNING DIRTY!)
"Flying sex"

You were going on a helicopter with the boys to New Zealand.
Louis sat next to Zayn
Liam next to Niall
And Harry next to you.

It wasn't quiet but actually it became quiet when Louis and the others drifted to sleep but you and harry were still awake. It was kinda boring to just sit there.

Harry was on his phone, you kissed his neck slowly and seductively.
He looked at you smirking, he knew you were bored and where this was going so he still sat on his phone texting or whatever he was doing.

you had a blanket on you both.
You rubbed his length through his jeans.
You felt him hardened.
And he grunted quietly.
You giggled because you drove him crazy, you kissed his neck again while rubbing him.

He's still concentrating on his phone.
You unzipped his jeans, he was surprised but didn't do anything then you took his length in your hand and began to pump it slowly at first.
He moaned quietly and titled his head backwards because of the pleasure.

"Why are you doing this to me" he groaned.

You didn't say anything just smirked.
Still pumping it fast and hard, then you felt him twitch in your hand, he cummed all over your hand.

You kissed his temple, then you felt him unzipping your shorts, your eyes wide open, he just smiles.
Then he pushes two of his long fingers in you fast.

You moan just quietly so the others won't hear. He puts his free hand over your mouth gently.
And continues pulling it out and in.
You moan into his hand luckily no one heard because they were sleeping.

Then he adds another finger faster than before. He takes his hand from your mouth and puts it on your back,

"Harry im- gonna c-cum"

He bends down and puts the blanket on his head. You were confused but soon felt his tongue exploring your whole pussy you cummed on his mouth and he licked it all clean.

Then he comes up to you and kisses you.
And starts making out with you hard.
Then you heard someone cough.
It was Louis, both of you stopped and you blushed Louis just laughed and told you

"the helicopter was landing in two minutes."

You both nodded.

And harry said
"We'll finish this at home " with a wink.

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Thank you for reading!

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