Niall #Imagine Part 16

When I wake up, my head is pounding, my eyes hurt, and my throat is dry. I get out of bed and shower, then change into some pajamas. Niall wasn’t in my room when I woke up, so I walk out of my room and look around for someone. I walk down the stairs and run into Liam. “Oops sorry!” he says. “It’s okay. God, do you know how much I drank last night? I better had had fun because this is one massive hangover.” I say, and he brings me downstairs to the kitchen. He gives me aspirin and water, and I drink the water and get more before taking the aspirin. I sit back at the table and Niall comes in from outside. “hey.” I say, and he sits next to me. “Hey. You have a massive hangover too?” he asks, and I nod. “We have a visitor.” Liam says, coming from the hall. Austin comes in and looks at me, then raises an eyebrow. “hangover.” I say, and he sits down across from me. “Oh I’m sorry. But why the hell didn’t you invite me?” he says. “I don’t know.” I say, rubbing my head. “Okay. Well, hey, come hang out at my house tomorrow night? I need to talk to you, but when you aren’t hung-over.” He says, standing up. “Okay. See you tomorrow. 7?” I ask, and he nods. I get food, and I feel a lot better. I catch up on some laundry and clean my room up, and around ten I go to bed. I wake up at 11 and go down to the kitchen. I eat breakfast and call my parents, and we talk for a while, then I hang up. I go upstairs and decide to go swimming, so I put on . I go downstairs and grab a bottle of water, and Louis walks in. “going for a swim?” he asks, then smiles. “Obviously Louis. Want to come?” I ask, and he nods. He goes upstairs and comes down a minute later in his swimming trunks and has two towels. “Oh yeah, thanks.” I say, catching the one he throws at me. We go outside and I kick off my shoes, putting them by a chair and putting the towel down. I run over and dive in, and start to swim laps. Louis jumps in and starts to splash me, and I kick water at him. “Truce!” he splutters as I kick water into his mouth. I stop swimming laps for a second and look at him, and he starts to make funny faces. “Stop it!” I giggle and he does. I start to swim laps and Louis follows me. “Race?” I ask, stopping at one end. “Sure.” He says. “From here, to the edge and back.” I say. “On three. One. Two. Three!” I say, and kick off the wall and start swimming under water. I swim to the edge, touch the edge, and kick off the wall. Louis and I are even, and at the last second I pass him and touch the wall first. “Hah! I win I win I win!” I shout, and he starts to tickle me. “No stop!” I scream, and start to giggle and laugh. “Louis please!” I shout, and he shakes his head. “No!” he says, tickling me more. I splash water at him and he stops, and I climb out and run away from him. He gets out and chases after me, and I keep running away. He catches up to me, and he grabs me around the waist and runs to the pool. He walks onto the diving board and throws me in, and then jumps in after me. I swim to the stairs and sit, breathing hard. “I’m so tired now.” I say, and he laughs. We sit for a few minutes, then I get out. I dry myself off and rub my hair, then go inside. I grab some food from the fridge and walk around the house looking for someone. I see Liam and Niall in the living room. “Hey boys.” I say, leaning against the door frame. “Hey, whoa.” Niall says, looking at me. “Thank you. I need to go get ready. What time is it?” I ask. “6.” Liam answers, and I swear. I run upstairs and shower really quick, then change into . I dry my hair and straighten it, then pull my bangs back straight. I rush downstairs and grab my phone off the kitchen counter and give Niall a hug and a kiss goodbye. “I’ll see you later tonight okay?” I ask, and he nods, looking me up and down. “You like?” I ask, and he nods again, standing up and wrapping his arms around me. We kiss for a few seconds, then I pull away. “I need to go. I’m sorry.” I say, going out the door and start walking down the street. I get to Austin’s and knock on the door, and he opens it in just his trousers. “hey.” I say, and he laughs. “Hi. Come in.” he says, and I walk in. he shuts the door and leads me to the living room, and I sit on the couch. He goes back to his room to get dressed and I fix my makeup. “You don’t need make up. You’re pretty without it.” I hear, and I look up. Austin is standing in the doorway and he’s dressed up nice. “You look nice.” I say, and he shrugs. “You look way better than me.” He says, and I laugh. “no.” I say, and he nods. “yes.” He says, picking up his phone. “Cheese?” he asks. “With cheese filled crust.” I say, and he nods. He orders us pizza and I laugh as he pours us soda, spilling it all over my jacket. “Nice one.” I say, and he punches my arm playfully. I kick his leg, and he starts laughing. I take off my jacket and lay it on the counter. We go back to the living room, and wait for the pizzas. The doorbell rings, and Austin gets up to go get it. “Stop! I’m telling you the truth! Nothing is going on!” I hear Austin say, and I realize it isn’t the pizza guy. “Al!” I hear Austin yell, and a girl wearing storms in and glares at me. “Um hi?” I say, standing up. “Really Austin? Nothing?” she says, pointing to me. “I spilled soda on her jacket.” He says, going to the kitchen and bringing out my jacket, now stained with coke splatters. “See? Alyssa, calm down.” He says, laying my jacket on the couch and hugging her. I stand there awkwardly, and he pulls back and kisses her. I get a weird feeling in my stomach, but I have no clue why. “I think it’s time I went home.” I mumble, and Austin grabs my arm. “No don’t. Alyssa is going back to her apartment now. Right Alyssa?” he says, and she nods. “sorry.” She says, and then she leaves. I sit down on the couch and curl up, kicking off my shoes. “Are you okay?” he asks, and I shake my head. “I don’t know.” I say, and he hands me my coke. I drink it, then give it back to him. He sets it down and sits next to me. “What’s up?” he asks. “I just hate that she thinks I would do anything with you. We’re best friends. And I’m not a freaking tramp.” I say, and he laughs. “Alyssa was just worried. “No, she thought I was going to try and get you in bed.” I say, and he bites his lip. “exactly.” I say, and he shakes his head. “I’m sorry love.” he says, turning on a movie. We watch it and a few minutes in the doorbell rings. I get up and answer it and it’s the pizza. “Austin pizza!” I shout, and he comes and pays. We each have one pizza for ourselves, and we split breadsticks. We eat and watch the movie, and when it ends he turns off the TV. “So what was it you wanted to tell me?” I ask, and he faces me. “Nothing, I just miss us hanging out. Can we like have a best friends night once a week?” he asks, and I hug him. “I miss us too. Of course we can. How about Fridays?” I ask, and he nods. “Sounds great.” He says, and I get up. “I really should be getting back.” I say, and I grab my coat. It’s still wet, so I have no coat. “Here, wear this. Bring it back next week.” He says, handing me a hoodie of his. I pull it on and hug him goodbye, then walk home. I walk inside and go upstairs, take off the hoodie and throw it on my bed. I go in my closet and change into my pajamas, and come out. Niall is standing at my doorway looking at my bed, at the hoodie. “Austin spilled coke all over my coat, and I needed a jacket to wear home. He borrowed it to me.” I say, walking over to him and hugging him. “Let’s go to bed.” I say, throwing the hoodie on the ground. We get into bed and I fall asleep quickly, thinking about our next best friends night.

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