Dedicated to Kile and his Mom at #pray4kile ,I Title this Poem as a dedication IF THIS WAS YOUR BABY, Because any REAL mother knows they will always be your BABY!

Poem: If This Was Your Baby

If this was your Baby wouldn't you too, hold on to his life with everything you have in you?
Wouldn't you too forget about self and make it all about him and his survival?
This is what makes Mother's so special, there is a cord that only was cut in the physical when a Baby is born, Spiritually it is never cut never severed, it is a special gift God placed in the lives of Women who surrender to Motherhood, who live for the well being of their children
If this was your Baby wouldn't you too call down Heaven?
Ask God to send his Angels
Ask God to allow him to awake to a new Day, so you can hear his laugh again
Share his smile
Just hear him say the words “Mama” again,
Nothing means anything right now, just the sound of his voice and the ability for him to hear "I love you Son with all that is in me, and right now I am fighting for your life”.
And that is what this Dear Mother is doing, fighting for the LIFE of her SON!
Let all of us stand in agreement with this Dear Mother, For we know that God is more than able!
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