Long Liam Imagine Part 18

"What h-he did that?" Nial questioned
"Yes he did ! Why would i lie and make that up about him?!" I shouted to him
"Thats not like Liam at all."
"So if he listened to her than , what do you think he would do if i told him Andrea was the one hurting me huh?!"
Everyone went silent for what felt like hours but was ony a minute. They all lookde to the floor because they knew in this situation he would believe Andrea if i told him. I crossed my legs on the floor and wiped my tears away. I put my head up to look at each of them, giving each other glances.
"Well? Answer me" I said still upset
"He wouldnt believe you." Zayn said so no one could hear, but i heard him
"What was that? Say it louder Zayn!"
"He woulld believe you."
"Exactly and you all know it at this point! So right now no matter what i do im going to lose to Andrea! Im not stronger than her because im losing my world to her!"
"Dont say that (YN) you were the one that said you are strong enough to handle her and now your saying your not?!" Harry said towards me
I brought my head down because he was right, i was the one that told him i am stronger and could handle this. I dont even know if i could get Liam back to be my friend at this point. I got on my feet with my head still looking to the ground.I put my head back up and they were all looking to me.
"So are you going to give up now?" Louis asked
"Let Andrea have Liam? After from how much you told us you ove him?" Niall added
"You need to show Andrea she cant push you down and keep what should be yours." Zayn told me
"You guys are right. But right now, i have to forget about Andrea hurting me. I have tp get to the hospital for the test." I said with no emotions
"Come on lets go than,but when we get back from the hospital i need you to promise me something." Louis said
"Thank you, and what?" I asked
"You have to tell Liam that Andrea is the one hurting you. I dont care if he comes here or we go see him he needs to know."
"...........I-i dont know ."
"We are not starting this bullshit you are going to tell him ok?"
"......ok, i will tell him."
"Good now lets get going."
Louis walked ovre to me and we both made our ways to the front door. I got my shoes on and so did he. He grabbed him car keys off the counter and put his cell phone in his pocket. I reached fo the door handle and turned the knob, i had a huge knot in my stomach going for these test and i was scared.
"What are we going to do well you guys are gone?" Mike asked
"Just do anything you want , but dont burn the house down." I said with a laugh at the end
"Thats the laugh we wannt see. We wanna hear a happy (YN)." Niall told me
"But should we get Liam to come over so when you get back (YN) can tell him?" Zayn asked
"Yeah do that please." Louis said before we left

We shut the door behind us and got into Louis car. We left the driveway and made our way to the hospital. The car ride was quiet, nobody asked about the bruises or anything. We got to the hospital and i walked up to the front desk. There was a lady there on the phone. I told Louis to go sit down but he just stood there beside me. She got off the phone and put a smile towards us.
"Hi im here to see doctor Lenther, im (YN)." I say with a smile
"Hi, you were the girl that was on the phone earlier today right?" The lady asked
"Yeah i was."
"Well let me call doctor Lenther and you can just sit down and wait for a second."
"Ok thanks."
The lady picked up the phone and called him. Me and Louis sat down in two chairs in the waiting room. He was tapping his foot and i was playing with my thumbs.Louis tapped him foot when he was egor and nervous. I dont know why he would be nervous but i knwo why i would be.
"(YN)?" Someone asked
"Me." I said , i ooked up to see doctor Lenther
"Hi (YN) i talked to you on the phone today right?"
"Yeah you did."
"OK, well if you follow me we can go take the scans."
Me and Louis got up and followed behind him for the scans. We got into a room with a bunch of computers and stuff that i didnt even know what they were. Me and Louis sat down in some chairs and doctor Lenther sat down in one across from us.
"Now, i got some records from doctor Korman and he said you had more than one bruise on your body. Is that right?" Doctor Lenther asked
"Yeah thats right." I said
"Now how many do you think you have?"
"I dont know, maybe 15?"
"Ok, now has anything happened when you got the bruises like head aches or anything?"
"Ummm i just started to puke up blood yesterday and it happened today to."
"Ok, thats good to know. Now may i see the marks?"
"Yeah sure."
You got up off the chair and took your shirt off. You handed Louis your shirt and Doctor Lenther started to look at all of them , along with Louis. He never seen all of them. I kept my head wondering around the room to avoid any awkwards looks from Louis and the doctor. The doctor sat back down in his chair and so did i. I put my shirt bakc on and kept my face away from Louis.
"How long have you had all of these?" He asked
"Um some of them are from 1 year ago or longer and some are recent." I said scared
"Oh my...ok ."
"Why? What does it mean?"
"Well........ some have been there for a year or longer like you said. They should have faded away by now but almost all of them look like they were just made. So your body is having a reaction from the other marks ."
"Am i going to be ok?"
"I cant tell from just looking at them we need to go do the test now."

I cant believe it, she thinks i dont care about her? I have been there for her though everything and she has the courage to tell me i dont care about her? Me and Andrea cuddled up on the couch , here head on my shoulder and my hand around her waist. We had been home now for about 20 minutes. It couldnt leave my mind that she didnt even tell me who did any of this. Was is Harry? Maybe it was the new guy Mike? No it couldnt he was to chill, maybe Niall? What wa si thinking, they loved (YN) so why would they lay a finger on her? Could it be Andrea? No it couldnt, she was so loving towards me. But what if it was her? My thoughts got inturupted by the sound of my phone ringing. I put it up and the caler ID read "Zayn". I picked up the phone and the sounds of Niall Mike and Harry talking in the back round filled my ears.
"Hey Zayn." I said into the phone
"Hey Liam, are you home?" Zayn asked
"Yeah , why?"
"Is Andrea there with you?"
"Yes, and why?"
"We need you both to come over back to (YN)'s place now."
"But why?"
"Dont ask ok? Just come over."
"Ok fine, im on my way."
I hung up the phoen and put it back in my pocket. Why did they need me and Andrea to come over? I pushed Andrea little bit making her head shoot up to meet my eyes. Well i was looking at here i didnt have any feelings for her. They were gone.
"Come on we are going back to (YN)'s." I said standing up
"Ughhh...why?" She moaned
"Because they need us there. And do you have soemthing against (YN)?"
"No i dont i just dont wanna move."
"Well come on lets go."
She got up off the couch and we got in my car. We pulled into (YN)'s drive way and Louis car was not there. That i found strange. We btoh got out and rang the doorbell. Mike answered the door and gave us a smile. We both walked in to see Harry Niall and Zayn sitting on the couch just talking.
"Hey guys, what did you want?" I asked them
"Its not what wewant, just wait here." Harry said
"What? And were is (YN) and Louis?"
"The hospital you need to wait until they come back."
"Yeah about that, why wont (YN) tell me who gave here the bruises?"
"Shes going to tell you when she gets back."

Me and Andrea sat down on the couch . We were all quiet on the couch for 30 minutes just giving each other weird looks. No body said a word the only thing we did was move our heads to look at each other if we needed to.
"Ok i cant take it, this is to long." Zayn shouted
"What?" Mike asked
"He needs to know we cant wait for (YN) to get back."
"NO! She was going to tell him you cant!"
"And what if she does not ? She has a history of saying things she does not mean!"
"Your going to wait until she comes back!"
"Zayns right." Harry said standing up
"What? Guys we cant just say it." Mike said
"Well he has to find out now its hurting (YN)."
"Will someone just please tell me!" I asked
"Look (YN) didnt wanna tell you who was hurting her because Andrea is the one who is giving her all the bruises and marks." Harry said to me


Me and Louis got back in the car and he was furious. He cluched the seat belt and looked to me. I kept my head down in shame , not wanting to look at him.
"Why did you never show me how back they were!" Louis asked leaving the parking lot
"I thought you would of known." I said in a whisper
"I-im sorry..........im scared for you (YN) im scared for the results to come back."
"Im scared to Louis. Now lerts just not yell any more ok? "
"Ok, and you ready to tell Liam?"
"No, i dont wanna lose him. Im really scared i dont think i can take it."
"Take what?"
"His reaction. We all know hes going to believe Andrea when she tells him im lying."
"We dont know that."
"Yes we do, he left me when Andrea told him to Louis."
From that moment on we didnt say a word. We pulled into my driveway and seen Liams car. There go the knots in my stomach . We got out of the car and we both stoped at the same time. Was there yelling? I looked to Louis and he looked just as confused as me.
"Do you hear that?" Louis asked
"Yeah shhhh...." I said
"Are they yelling?"
"Yeah but what would they be yelling about."
"The only thing they would be yelling about is if th-You dont think they?"
".Oh my god........they told him."
I ran to the front door with Louis close behind me. I fumbled with the keys in my hand to open the door. I put the key in the lock and the moment i opened the door all eyes were on me and Louis. We shut the door with btoho our mouths slighty open. The place was a mess. Andrea was just watching all of them, Liam was pinning Harrys arms to the floor, Zayn Niall and Mike trying to get him off. Liam must have freaked on Harry when he tod him. He must have thought he was lying. Me and Louis walked into the living room to get a better see of what was going on.
"Im sorry (YN)i couldnt keep it in any longer." Harry said gasping for air

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