Niall #Imagine Part 18

NIALL’S POV: I go to the place the party is held and go inside, and I walk around for a while and talk to people, but I can’t find Ashley, or any of the other girls for a matter of fact. I go up to Liam about an hour after the party started, and he pulls me up front, by the stage. I look at him and he points to the stage as the lights dim a bit. Ashley, Danielle, Emmy, Emily and Alyssa walk onto the stage, wearing . They stand in the middle of the stage, then music starts and they begin to dance. I’m shocked, and all I do is stare at Ashley the whole time. The dance ends and they come to the edge of the stage, and they bow. Everyone claps, and people are whistling too. I walk up to the stage and grab Ashley’s hand, but she pulls away. “I have to go get dressed.” She says, and the girls go backstage. I walk around for a minute, then go to the bar. I order a sprite for Ashley, and a beer for me. I look around and see Emmy walk over to Louis wearing , Danielle walk over to Liam wearing , Emily walk over to Zayn wearing , Grayce standing with Harry wearing , and Alyssa walk over to Austin wearing . But I can’t see Ashley. I hear the crackle of the microphone and look at the stage, and I see Emmy standing up there. “And now a special Happy Birthday for Niall. Could you come up by the stage please Niall?” she asks, so I set our drinks down and walk to the very front by the stage. The place goes dark, then a spotlight points to the middle, where Ashley is standing wearing , her eyes shut. The music starts and she opens her eyes, then she stares straight at me. She starts to sing, and I recognize the song as I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. She sings the whole song to me, and when it ends, I see the only piece of jewelry she’s wearing is the promise ring I gave her. She walks off stage, and I walk back to get our drinks. I meet her at the edge of the stage, and she hugs me from behind. “hello.” I say, setting the drinks down on the stage before turning around and kissing her. She kisses me back, grabbing my face. “I love you so much.” I say when we pull away, and she blushes. “I love you too.” She says, grabbing her soda and drinking it. She finishes it quickly, so we walk back to the bar and get more, and this time she orders a drink with alcohol in it. “You’re going to drink tonight?” I ask, and she nods. “We have rooms next door at the hotel, so I can drink all the hell I want.” she says, winking at me as she drinks the whole drink. She gets more, then we walk around, and I grab her hand while we walk. We talk with everyone, and drink a lot, and play the games and enjoy ourselves a lot. We stop to talk to Harry and Grayce, and they leave us alone. “I wonder where they went?” I ask, looking around for them. “They’ll show up. Don’t worry.” Harry says, so we sit and talk for a while. After a while the two come back, and Grayce is wearing different shoes. “I spilled on the shoes I was wearing, and they were uncomfortable. So I changed.” She explains, sitting next to Harry. Ashley sits next to me and I hold her hand, and she leans her head on my shoulder. “Getting tired?” I ask, and she shakes her head. “No, just need a new drink.” She says, standing up and walking away. “Is she okay Grayce?” I ask, and Grayce shakes her head. I get up and walk around, trying to look for her. I go to the bar and look, but she isn’t there. I see Emmy and go over to her, and ask her if she’s seen Ashley. “Yeah, but you probably should leave her alone. She went outside.” She says, pointing to a side door. I run out of the building and look around, and I see her walking towards the street. I run after her and grab her arm, and she turns to face me. She has tears running down her face, and her hand is cut bad. “What happened?” I ask, looking at the cut. “well, I came out here to get some air, and these guys came up to me, and one threw their bottle at me, and I used my hand to block it.” she says. “I ran away from them.” She says, starting to bawl. I pull her into a hug, rubbing her back and holding her hurt hand. We walk inside and I take her to the bathrooms, and I clean off her hand and wrap it in towels. We go find the manager and I ask for the first aid kit, and he gives it to me. I have her sit in one of the chairs in the lobby, and I wrap up her hand. I give the kit back and I wrap my arm around Ashley’s waist, and I walk with her back to the party. I wipe away her tears, and give her a kiss. I order some sprite for both of us, and we sit at a table in the corner and drink them. “I’m sorry.” She says, and I laugh. “For?” I ask. “I got hurt, now you’re wasting your time with me instead of having fun.” She says, and I pull her into a tight hug. “Ashley, I love you. Any time I spend with you is more fun than partying.” I say, kissing her head. We sit with her on my lap and us hugging for a while, then her favorite song come on, so we go dance. We dance all night, and I don’t let go of Ashley once. We dance with the boys, guests, and everyone, then when the place closes around 4 am, we go next door to the hotel. I help Ashley undress and get into her pajamas then change myself, then we lay in bed talking for a while.

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