@Harry_Styles @NiallOfficial @zaynmalik @Real_Liam_Payne @Louis_Tomlinson it`s hard to describe how important one direction is to me. People ask why I like you guys so much, I just say the music, but it`s so much more than that! It`s harry styles with his perfect hair and amazing smile. Niall James Horan with the red polos, high jumps, and braces! Zayn Malik with his mysteriousness and varsity jackets. Louis Tomlinson the jokester with red pants and stripe shirt. And it`s Liam Payne with an amazing voice and whose twit cams I miss! You guys are more than a band to me. You changed my life. You made me realize there`s more to life and that I can do it. You`re all an inspiration to me. Without even knowing you guys are helping millions of girls get through life. I wake up every morning listening to what makes you beautiful. Why? Because it helps me start my day feeling beautiful. Moments is the song that made me hold onto life! It`s the reason I`m still here. I realized there`s so much to live for. The boys on the stairs will forever be with me. I am a directioner and will alway be one! I know you won`t see this but I hope you all understand how important you are to us fans. You`re all amazing and never fail to impresses us. You`ve come so far and made history. I`ve never loved a band so much, but I owe everything to you guys. You changed my life! 


Love x

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