Its monday morning and the girls are on their way to the airport.

Lia: oh my god!
Sam: what?!
Lia: nathan and his mates are going to be on the same flight as us!
Sam: whos nathan? 
Lia: one of my bestfriends, i havent seen him in ages! Hes recently been put into a new boyband called the wanted!
Sam: oh right, is he hot?
Lia: yes! And his band mates arnt to bad either *laughs and winks at the other girls*
Beth: are they staying in the same place as us?
Lia: i dont know, i`ll check.. *texts nathan*

*10 minutes later* 
Lia: he said they are staying in a hotel called the arc. *she goes on google maps and finds out where that hotel is* OMG NO WAY!
Paige: dont scream im driving! Bloody idiot! What you oh my godding at anyway?
Lia: their hotel is 10 minutes away from ours! This is brilliant, cant wait to see nathan again! *She texts nathan to let him know*

*to: nath
from: lia
Nath your hotel is 10 minutes away from ours! This is brill, see you at the airport xx*

*to: lia
from: nath
Omg thats excellent. We`ll have to meet up everyday. You bring your friends and i`ll bring mine. Should be fun. See u at the airport bbe xx*

Lia: nath and the boys are meeting us at the airport, yey!
Eilish: i hope he has a nice friend!
Lia: trust me, all his friends are gorgeous, you girls are going to love them!

*the girls arrive at the airport. They check in and meet the boys at the cafe*


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