#Imagine Liam part 3. "I Protect You".

Liam looks at you bitting your bottom lip and holding your arm with your other hand.
Whe he looks at your arm he sees bleeding.
(y/n) what's that?
He looked shocked.
It's..nothing.. you reply and turn your head away.
It's bleeding, come with me!~he takes you to the bathroom and cleened your bleeding.
What is it? he ask.
He looks with his brown eyes to you.
Wesley cutted me..you reply.
I want to punch that guy..he say while vleaning your arm.
It's clean now, come on we're gonna eat breakfast.

You're eating breakfast when Liam ask you something.
So, do you know where your parents are?
...You stop eating and look away.

I'm from another country..Wesley took me with him to the UK.
I haven't seen my parents in years..
Liam looks shocked at you.
I'm so sorry..'
It's okay i learned to live with it..

You wipe away a tear with hope Liam didn't saw anything.
But he does, he stands up and walk to you to take you in his arms.
The tears from all these years finally came out.
You cried your heart out by Liam.
He cuddled you and listen to your whole story.
He's the first boy you trust after Wesley.

Listen to me (y/n), i protect you from Wesley, you're a beautiful girl and i promise you that you get to see your parents again no matter what.
Thank you..you say and rest your head at Liam's chest.

Hope you like it, did my best but i think it;s not the best one. hope you think it is! feedback would be great xoxo Nienke.

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