The train was traveling so fast it felt like we were flying. It would only be a few more minutes until we got to the capitol. How did I even get here? I dont even recall the reaping or "Katy" being called over the speaker. Aren't I too old? I guess not saying I was already getting advice from my mentor. I watch as the other tribute, Edward, runs to the window just as the light begins to pour in. Were here. I get up and join him. My eyes get wide as my breathe gets taken away at its beauty. How lucky are these people? Getting to live in this magnificent place. "Pretty cool, isn't it?" I look over to see Mark waiting for a response. "Yes. It is." I weakly reply. Trying to remember my home is hard. What district am I even from again? 12. Yes. I believe that is correct. I guess this memory lost is better saying I may be leaving my family. Suddenly a chipper voice behind me makes me jump. "Alright! Time to go meet the other tributes!" She says. Effie Trinket is such a happy character its sickening. I follow her and Mark off the train. I begin to question myself after walking into the building. Whats going to happen? What are the Hunger Games? Wait... I don't know. I have been living here and I don't even know what this game is, other than its a life or death situation. Am I actually that scared that I have forgotten everything other than my girls?

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