Part 27

They spoke.... "is this miss [your last name]?" I started shaking 
"umm....yeah?" I replied getting worried. 
"I`m very sorry to tell you this but your brother Alex  has passed away, he got cornered in an alley by a gang of about 8 men. They were on drugs so there was no way of him getting out. They stabbed him to death and left him lying there. I`m sorry."
My hands started shaking. I stood Up and threw my phone at the wall leaving it smashed on the floor. I slid down the wall clenched my knees in and ran my hands through my hair and onto my face. I cried and let it all out. 

Perri came out the bathroom and ran straight to me comforting me, I started hitting the back of my head on the wall and punching the front of it, he grabbed my hands and asked what had happened. "My brothers dead!!" I screamed, he gasped and put his hand to his mouth and hugged me in close, his hands on the back of my head. He made me feel so much better, just knowing he`s here for me. 
He comforted me the rest of the day, about a week later we went to the funeral. I cried so much my throat and eyes were sore. We went to a old feild/park where Knowbody went anymore. We found a big tree in the middle, where Alex used to take me for picnics. We scattered his ashes next to it. Everybody went home but I just sat by the tree staring at where his ashes were. 
I went and sat at that tree at least 4 times a week, sometimes I bought flowers and Perri would come with me. He explained it to the boys one day at their dance practice. I got sent flowers which I took one by one to his ashes during that week, I dug a little hole next to his ashes and buried a little bracelet he had got be when I was about 9, it was too small to wear now but I still kept it. It`s safe with him now. 

After a couple months I wasn`t depressed so much anymore, I still went to visit him by the tree but I could now enjoy life again.  Me and Perri were even closer which I loved, I hadn`t had a good childhood. I want to just forget about things and spend my life with Perri, in his arms. 
For the first time in aaaaaaggggeesss, me and Perri went swimming, I felt so self conscious showing my scars off in public but Perri helped me have a good time and forget about it. We got out and I went to get changed, some girls were stood in the corner off the changing rooms sniggering and making Nasty comments. I ignored them as I had to learn to just get on with life and leave it `keep carm and carry on` as they say. 
We drove down to the beach for some sun, we bought chips and everything was perfect, until I saw `that girl`. 

Sorry it`s short

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