@littlemixoffic this time last year they could walk down the street and they were no diffrent from anyone else and now they need security everywhere they go,people shout their names every day,they are becoming one of the uks top girlbands,everyone wants to be their best friend,and quiet frankley im pretty damn proud of them......when wings is properly released they wont just be our little secret anymore people accross the globe will know about them but i cant wait to meet new mixers to add to the mixers family,this fanbase is the closest fanbase iv ever seen before and mixers are amazing and we are all here for the same reason to support 4 amamzing girls 4 idols but most of all too support 4 of the cutest,most down to earth,inspirational girls ever to come into the music industry. i always say how sad i am that the X Factor tour is over but i know the next time i see the girls live they will be on their very own tour and that makes me so happy!i know they will never change for any amount of fame,money,or succses fans will come and go but the real mixers are the ones that came and will never leave and from the first song till the last song il love these girls with all my heart.

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