*part 26*

Me Perri and Mitch had gone to another theme park for the day! It was amazing, Perri saw some of his friends from school and went over to them. I was admiring the silver necklace Perri had bought me when I heard Mitch let out a big sigh. 
"what`s up Mitch?" I asked confused. 
"that girl, she`s a complete fake and I don`t like her and Perri sai-...." he cut of and covered his mouth sinking into his seat. 
"Perri said what?!" I asked getting worried. 
"I can`t tell you [your name] well I`m not supposed to so promise not to tell him..." we pinky swore on it and he carried on.. "Before the holiday Perri had said that he thought he loved her and was falling for her, he said he`s never stop loving her." I punched the table in anger and stood up. I turned around to see Perri and `that girl` in each-others arms. I ripped my necklace off my neck and through it on the floor in front of him, he gasped looking broken like the necklace. 
I ran with Mitch, I sent Perri a text telling him the news that Mitch had told me. Me and Mitch just sat on a feild near the theme park whilst I cried in his arms. The girl had seen Perris text and she also liked him. Perri quickly text me but with no apology... It read "My friend is coming for you, get off that feild now.. Love you." it was a very blunt text message. I showed it to Mitch and we ran off the feild and down to the roads near the flat 
"Oi don`t run away from me I can see you!" I heard her shout. I turned around.  
"all I can see is a multicoloured face" I replied. Mitch laughed in hysterics, I did too. She ran towards me, stopped and put her fist up. She punched me in the face and pulled at my hair. I had to fight back, I pulled at hers and accidentally ripped out her extensions I laughed as I threw them in a puddle on the floor. She slapped me and punched me three more times. To finish me off she punched me in the stomach and I started coughing up blood. "Perris mine" and she walked off. 

Mitch was crying at the sight of me, he scooped me up and carried me about five minutes to the flat. The door was already unlocked. I didn`t want Mitch to leave, we saw Perri sat on the sofa with me necklace clenched in his hands. He turned to us whilst drying his eyes. He ran towards me and hugged me, "I`m so glad your ok" he whispered in my ear. 
I pushed him away. "no Perri I`m not ok you said you loved that fake girl down there, then you let her go and fight me while you just walked home?I was coughing up blood! At least I have a bestfrend that I can rely on"
I just went into the bedroom with Mitch I sat there crying looking at the blood stains from last night, it was hard to explain them to Mitch. 

Perris POV 

She thinks i don`t love her, I wish I could tell [your name] the truth, that I don`t even no the girl and she`s some crazy fan I met years ago. She threatened me with a knife that if I didn`t act really `close` with her she would kill me. 

Mitch POV. 

Perri had told me the truth and It felt so painful doing this to [your name] I wanted to tell her but I couldn`t Perri would kill me, its either i lose my best friend or leave it and risk them breaking up, [your name] went to the bathroom. I didn`t no what to do, I just started crying. I couldnt help it.  
She came back in and jumped on me hugging me "Mitch what`s wrong?" she asked
"I can`t do this anymore" I replied running out the room, I ran to Perri and told him we had to tell her, he thought for bit and slightly nodded his head. "we need to break it down slowly and make sure that she doesn`t tell anyone" I nodded my head in agreement as we went into the bedroom....

Your point of view. 

I had just been told some horrible news, about That crazy fan girl.."so you don`t love her?" I asked worried. 
"no way! She looks like the annoying orange" 
We all laughed, but I was still annoyed at how he let her come and hit me but I am not going to mention it to cause any more trouble. 

Later that night I had an unexpected phone call from an unknown number, it was extremely bad news. 

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