My thought process is suddenly stopped by Effie's voice piercing through it. "Its time for the remake center. Follow me Katy. Edward, follow Mark", She squeaks. I look at Edward, forgetting he was there. He winks at my trying to flirt. How disgusting. I follow Effie down a hallway into a large room. There are 12 curtains forming room like compartments. The one labeled 12 is open so I assume its for me. "Please undress. Your stylists will be with you in a moment. See you soon!" *She closes the curtain and leaves. What happened to seeing the tributes like she said? I would much rather do that the sit naked for stuck up Capitol strangers. I undress as I was told and sit on the table. I cross my legs and wrap my arms around my chest. Im freezing. The stylists come in as promised just a minute later. They examine me and I do the same to them. Two women and Two men. They all are dressed so colorfully with outrageous hair to match except for one. He is wearing somewhat normal clothes. He steps forward and sticks out his hand. I take it and he shakes it. "Hello. My name is Johnny. Im your designer."

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