For all you twats thinking that @_OllyRiley is a twat and is sick, then take another look. To be honest, most of you don't actually know him, never do I, but at least I ain't shallow to comment on him and judge him. He seems lovely and whoever has said stuff, then you just look like a utter twat. You may not like Olly, or you many not to be too keen, but come on? Give the boy a break. He has fuck loads of shit thrown at him everyday for no reason? What has he done wrong? What? Asked girls for pictures of their 'Knee high socks' and so what? Why does that fucking give you the right to judge him as a pedophile from that? He is a boy. Boy's like to have a bit of fun and to be honest sometimes girls like too as well, but for all those people taking things too seriously? Chill out a bit, have some fun. I know for a fact Olly is a nasty person but sometimes you people push him to be mean, you say all shit too him and to be honest, he has fucking feelings as well guys? So what? You are aloud to say shit to him but you call him a twat when he says something back? If you fucking can't take the joke. Don't fucking start a argument with him. Since I have followed Olly, all I have done as stuck up for him, because I really don't see what he has done wrong? What? Is it that he has stuck up for himself? Is that really that wrong to stick up for yourself? I bet you all do it all the time. If you say shit to him, he will say shit back, like any other human on this earth, if you start a argument then don't fucking cry when he boy's you with a comment twice as better as yours. Right, so now, stop judging. Olly is amazing and kind deep down, if you don't have fucking time to realize this, then have fun with your lifes, because to be honest, I am pretty sure Olly wouldn't give a fuck if you was in it or not.

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