-part twentyseven

I pushed him off me,i cried for help,hoping someone would hear me.Ash was stood watching,he ran towards me,"what do you think youre doing",he pushed omar until he fell on the floor.I ran back to my seat whilst ash ended it."MOVE OFF MY NEICE,STAY AWAY FROM HER OTHERWISE I WILL SORT YOU OUT MYSELF" he shouted,Omar was actually threatened,"i didnt know you was related" he said,"well now you do" Ash came back to the seat and i hugged him tightly.I felt safe,safer than ever.knowing all these boys were here to support me was the best feeling,at home i only had my dad who comforted me.
When the crews had all finished we went backstage to say well done to them all,flawless were stood infront of us,"well done" ash said,they just laughed and refused to be nice back,they were so childish but Omar just bowed his head when he saw me,i was so glad i wasnt scared anymore.
We all went to our seperate houses,me and ash ordered chinese food and talked about well anything and everything,from dance,to pel,to omar,to cats.Yeah were quite random.We was watching big brother when pel text me `okay,the drake concert is tomorrow,be ready for a great night baby,you can stay at mine after too xxxxxx`.My face lightened up,i was so excited for tomorrow.I watched the end of big brother then went to sleep,well tried i was too excited.

*the next day*

I woke up to another text off pel `Morning beautiful,we will pick you up at 5 and go to the concert,see you tonight lol xxxxx`.Great,over slept again,it was the afternoon when i got up,2 o clock,i needed to get an alarm clock.I got some food and lounged around for an hour and half or so when i finally decided to get ready.I took a shower and then curled all my hair,my extensions were in too.I put on my black jumper that said DRAKE in big letters accross my chest,red jeans and my shiny black doc martens.my makeup was quite heavy,lots of mascara and dark eye liner with some bright hed lipstick.I went on facbook for a bit and quite a few people were going,these popular girls,theres like 7 of them,i was so glad i was going with pel,maybe they would think i was a bit cooler.
Pel came and picked me uo,his mum was driving.We was talking for a while and we was really getting along."you kids have fun" she said whilst dropping us off.We got out the car and pel held my hand,it was nice being able to be a couple with him.We got inside and went to get a drink and popcorn,just as i thought we bumped into the `popular` girls,they was whispering about me,they still didnt think i was cool.I looked down at the floor,"sup with you" pel asked,he looked up and saw i was trying to avoid eye contact with the girls,he lifted my head up and kissed me.I loved him so much for that,he could read me like a book.We got out stuff and went to our seat,we was quite close to the stage actually.He came on and i cheered so loudly,i loved drake loads.He sang a few songs then just talked on stage."Okay okay,how many of you guys are in love" I screamed and pel cheered,"well this is for you lovers out there tonight" he said whilst singing his next song.It was a slow song and so everyone sat down,i was singing along an resting my head on perris shoulder whilst he was playing with my hair,it was perfect.
The show had finnished and i thanked perri so much,his mum came and took us home.I sat on perris and he kissed my forehead,i was quite uncomfortable because i had never stayed at a boys house before.

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