@sianalexis #imagine you and jay have been together for a while now, you wake up and jay is still asleep, so you get up and start getting ready infront of the dressing table mirror and brushing the foundations over your cheeks. You flick on the tv, onto the music channels and turn it up, making jay stir and wake up. He walks behind you and wraps his arms tightly around your waist. He places a kiss firmly on your cheek, whilst looking at you deeply in the eyes through the mirror. His curls fall slightly over his eyes. His arms sweep over your stomach, feeling a firm bump and a small kick in his hands. He looks surprised.
J:`is that?!`
YN:`yeah, jay, that`s our baby` you say, making jay crash his lips ontop of yours sending a shiver down your spine.

Sorry it`s quite late hope you like it :) x

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