Dear #twfanmily,

for #Jays22ndBirthday, I (@NathSykesFacts) would want to make him a video containing ALL the birthday messages for him. You want to be a part of it? How? keep on reading ;)

Send your birthday wishes to him, how? FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW:

1. Write your birthday wish on your timeline. Please, do NOT tag jay and me, okay?
For example: “Happy Birthday Jay, hope you have a nice day … blabla.”
But please, do NOT do this: “@JayTheWanted Happy Birthday... blabla” or “@NathSykesFacts Happy Birthday Eleanor...blabla” because it has to be a surprise and if you tweet it to me, my mentions would probably go crazy and I won't see it. So, tweet it on your timeline and remember, without tags.

2. Then tweet me: “@NathSykesFacts, I've just written the birthday wish (or something like that)” and I'll take a screenshot of it.

3. I will tweet you saying: “now, you can delete your tweet” because it has to be a surprise, don't forget that! Don't worry, I will see ALL your birthday wishes and all of them will be on the video. I always check and see all our mentions :)

Deadline is on Monday, July 23. A DAY before Jay's 22nd birthday.

Hope many will join in. I love you all x

Pixie (@NathSykesFacts)

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