Zayn #imagine part 8 :) 

I am loving this little `game` we are playing. I purposely flirt with Niall in front of Zayn just to piss him off and it works. He gets so mad and I know it makes him want me even more. I love it. 

But then again, I hate it too. I hate playing with Niall`s feelings at the same time. I don`t really know if he thinks I`m leading him on or not. I guess I am. But I truly love Zayn. Like a lot. And I want him, a lot. 

I was laying on my bed, flipping through a magazine. I heard a knock on my door and I muffled a `come in.` 

In walked Zayn, looking as sexy as ever. I sat up and eyed him as he looked at me. 

Me: Can I help you Malik?
Him: No, I just wanted to know if I looked nice, since I have a date tonight. 

Fuck. He had a date. My happiness completely faded as he said this. I tried not to show it, but it wasn`t working. 

Me: Yeah, you look fine. And a date? 

I tried not to sound disappointed but
I could hear it slip out with every word I spoke. 

Him: Yeah a date. 
Me: And may I ask who this date is with? 
Him: Oh just some girl.. she`s beautiful, fun, and I really like her. 

Fuck again! But I thought he said he liked me? Ugh, god this kid was confusing the shit out of me! 

Me: Oh well have fun.. 

He turned and headed toward the door. Then suddenly, he turned around and smiled slyly at me. 

Him: One more thing y/n, I was just wondering if you would like to go on this date with me? 

WHAT?! Did Zayn just ask me on a date! Omfg I`m dead inside but completely chill outside. 

Me: Like be your date? 
Him: Yeah. What did you think? I would go out with some random girl? Nope. Your the beautiful, fun girl that I really like and I wanna take you out on this date.. so what do you say? 

I tried to bite my lip to suppress a smile but it slipped out and I couldn`t help it. I smiled and nodded vigorously. 

Me: Awe, Zayn! Thank you. Of course I will go on this date with you. But I need to get ready. 
Him: Okay, wear something cute. But you always do, so I`m not worried. 

He winked and walked out of my room, closing the door behind him. I laid back on my bed and started squirming around, happily. I screamed to myself as I jumped up and began dancing around. 

I stopped, looked in the mirror and smiled so big. I was going on a freaking date with the freaking kid that I have loved for freaking ever. Oh my god. 

I quickly hopped in the shower. Then I dried and curled my hair. I applied my makeup perfectly, as always. It always needed to be perfect. 

I got dressed in a romper type thing. The top was flower printed and the shorts were plain black. I paired it with white wedges. I, then put in a matching headband and sprayed my favorite perfume all over me. I looked in the mirror. Satisfied, I grabbed my purse and opened my door. 

I made my way into the living room and everybody stopped and looked at me. Zayn stood up, blushing slightly as he fixed his SnapBack. 

Him: Ready babe. 

I nodded as he grabbed my hand and lead me out the door. I looked back at Harry who was wolf whistling and Liam and Louis were smiling giving me the thumbs up. Danielle and Eleanor smiled, telling me to go along. 
Finally the door shut and before I knew it, I was in Zayn`s car. Finally. I was finally going on a date with the boy I had loved for so many fucking years. It felt amazing. 

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