Niall #imagine part thirty two;) 

I shifted uncomfortably in my plane seat as I adjusted my eyes to my surroundings. Niall was watching a movie on the screen infront of him while chewing noisily on some M&M`s. 

I looked out the window to see crystal clear water below. It was quite breath taking. Then I checked my phone. It was 8:36, only about 4 more hours until we landed in Paris. 

I dragged my gaze away from the window and looked back up at Niall. I found him already looking at me. His hair was slightly messed up and his blue eyes stared into mine. They reminded me of the water we were flying above. 

Him: Hello there you. 
Me: Hi cutie. 

He smiled as he rested his forehead on mine. His lips grazed mine for a moment.

Him: Sleep well then? 
Me: Ehh, not so much. But I think I`m going to try again now.

I giggled as I shifted over into his arms. I rested my head on his chest and he securely placed his hand around my waist. 

Him: I`ll wake you up when we get there love.

And with that, I slowly but surely drifted back into sleep. 

The plane touched down a bit unsteady, which woke me up. I was still in the same position, engulfed in Niall`s arms. 

Him: Babe, we`re here! In Paris! The city of loveeeeeeee. 

He sang into my ear quietly. I laughed at how excited he was but I was really excited too. 

The pilot`s voice sailed throughout the plane, letting everyone know it was okay to get off now. Niall intertwined our hands and we made our way off the plane. 

We went back through security and got our suitcases. We made our way outside the airport and surprisingly, there were little amounts of fans and paps. Thank god, this vacation was strictly for me and Niall, no distractions. 

Niall called over a cab, put our bags in the trunk and we got in. He told the driver the hotel name and we took off down the road. 

Paris is utterly amazing. It was so beautiful. I stared in awe out the window while Niall smiled hugging me tightly. I had never been out of the UK before, so this was new to me. I`m  glad I`m here, in the city of love, with my boyfriend. Not much more I could ask for, right? 

We arrived at the hotel and Niall insisted on taking my luggage so i wouldn`t be bothered with it. I tried to argue back but he simply picked up my suitcase and started into the elevator. He pressed number 15 and off we were, to our room. 

We got out on our floor and found our door. Niall swiped his key in the slot, still holding both of our suitcases. Such a man, I thought. 

The door swung open and we walked inside. I took in what I was looking at. Holy shit I was amazed. 

There was a full kitchen, a single bed with chocolates on the pillows, a bathroom with creatively folded towels, and lastly a balcony that overlooked the beauty of Paris. 

I walked over and opened the door. It was dark now. But the sky was lit up by the lights on the Effiel Tower. That`s right, our balcony overlooked the Effiel freaking Tower. I was blown away. 

I walked back in and found Niall standing there, smirking at me. I walked closer to him and gave him and big hug. 

Me: Thank you so much babe. This is beautiful. 
Him: Not as beautiful as you Ava. Your welcome. 

I could feel myself blush as I pulled away slightly. We still looked at each other. 

Me: I can`t believe this really. It`s so amazing. 
Him: Anything and everything for you babe. 

He bent down slightly and kissed me softly. I kissed back right away and it got a bit more intense. My hands tangled in his hair as his hands searched my whole body. They landed on my butt and he pulled me up so that my legs were tight around his small waist. He licked my bottom lip as he sat on the bed. I gave him enterance and his tounge explored my mouth. I began to lift up his shirt but he stopped and pulled away. I looked at him confused. 

Him: Ava, are you sure you wanna do this? We could wait you know, you don`t ha- 

I cut him off by smashing my lips to his again. After a few seconds I pulled away. 

Me: Of course I`m sure idiot. Now stop talking.

He smiled uncontroablly as we resumed kissing intensely. 

Hey guys :) this was short I know :( but it will get better.. & finally! Ava and Niall finally did the naughty! haha okay love you- Kelsey. xxx :) 

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