Long Liam Imagine Part 19


"Y-you what!?" I shouted at Harry
Liam still had Harrys arms pinned down keeping him from getting up. Harry moved hims head towards me and Louis so he was able to tell me. I put my phone on the couch and I bit my lip to stop myself from crying in front of Liam. Harry pushed Liam a little bit and he moved him arms. Harry got up and looked to me.
"(YN) I'm sorry I couldn't keep it in any longer it was hurting all of us." Harry said calm
"Your sorry? Your sorry is all you can say! I didn't want anyone to tell him ! I didn't even want him to know! And now I come back from the hospital to see this!"
"Well your house is not a complet mess."
"This is no times for jokes! I was going to tell him even tho I didn't want to! I didn't want him to hear it from you Harry or any of you!"
I ran over to Harry and pushed his chest. I started hitting it as my tears fell from my eyes. He tried to stop me but I kept hitting him. Any where were he was not blocking himself I hit. I didn't stop I was to mad to control myself at the moment to stop. Finally Louis grabbed my waist from behind pulling me away from Harry. I tried to get out of Louis grip but he was to strong for me. I stopped moving and Louis let go. I caught my breath and looked towards everyone in front of me. Mike and Zayn were standing behind the couch, Liam was a little bit behind Harry, Niall was sitting on the couch and Andrea was near the wall watching everything.
"We tried to stop him." Niall said speaking up
"We? Who is we?" I asked beyond pissed
"Me and Mike."
"Only you and Mike? That means Zayn didn't do shit! Zayn why didn't you stop Harry!?"
"I didn't stop him because I was the one who said he should tell Liam here and now." Zayn said with his head down
"I can't believe any of you! You all knew how badly I didn't wanna tell him! Than I say I will tell him when I get back and I find out Harry told him!" I shouted
"We are sorry (YN)."
"Sorry? Sorry should not begin in that damn sentence Zayn! "
Everyone in the room went quiet. I wiped my eyes away of any left over tears. I looked up to Liam and he caught me. He than looked over to Andrea and back over to me.
"Was it a lie?" Liam said breaking the silence
"What?" I questioned
"Was it a lie? What Harry told me , was it a lie?"
"No it was the truth."
"It was?"
"Yeah it was."

"No Liam she's lying!" Andrea blurted out
"Lying!? You have been hurting me since day one Andrea!" I yelled
"Shut up (YN)! Liam she's lying ok why would I do that to her?"
"You don't tell her to shut up! And if she was lying why would Louis Harry Niall Mike and Zayn all know huh?" Liam hissed
"I don't know! But I'm not the one hurting her." Andrea spat back
"Yes you are! I started to puke blood because of you! There were days it hurt to eat and walk because of how badly you hurt me!" I yelled at her
"Liam are you going to believe me or her!" Andrea asked
"Are you serious? Your going to ask him that!" I cried
"I'm your girlfriend Liam ! I love you!"
"Bullshit! Friday you told me you were only using him you don't fucking love him!"
"No one asked you to talk !"
"I'm defending myself and Liam!"
"I don't need you to defend me!" Liam shouted
Everyone turned their head to Liam. Did he really just say that. From the corner of my eyes I could see Andrea starting to grin, knowing she was going to keep Liam no matter what the case was.
"W-what?" I asked
"Andrea does love me ok? And why are lying about her hurting you?!" Liam yelled to me
"Are you joking ! Liam why would I lie about something. Like this!"
"I don't know but I don't believe you!"
"Mate your being stupid she's not lying." Louis said
"Shut up! Come on Andrea we are leaving." Liam shouted
"No your not ! You think (YN) out of all people would lie to you about this? You seen her puking and such!"
"Yes we are leaving!Andrea come on."
"You believe your girlfriend of a year and a bit more but not (Yn) she has been there for you your whole life!"
Liam sat in silence, I can't believe he was going to listen to Andrea. I knew I should of never told him. Liam looked at me and seen the hurt in my eyes. He looked as hurt as me on this one. I walked to the front door and opened it.
"Ok you don't fucking believe me Liam? Than you and your bitch of a girlfriend can leave my house." I said frustrated
"I'm sorry I just, I don't think she would do something like that." Liam said a bit calmer
"You don't? Well she would! And I don't know why your still with her because just yesterday and today you were telling me how your feelings for her were not there anymore!"
"(YN) You were the only one that knew that why did you blurt it out!"
"Well you should not be with someone you don't really like anymore Liam ok ! Plus she does not love you anyways!"
"Liam is this true?" Andrea asked confused
"Y-yes it is, I'm sorry, I just don't feel it anymore with you." Liam confessed
"What? But I loved you ! (YN) made you do this didn't she!?"
"WHAT! No she didn't ! Why would you say that! "
"She already accused me of hurting her and now saying I don't love you!? Come on !"
"(YN) didn't make me I just don't have that feeling with you any more Andrea! "

At this point Andrea and Liam were fighting about not her hurting me and about his feelings for her. I didn't wanna come home to this. I looked to Louis and he looked over to me. We both looked over to everyone and Harry and Zayn looked sorry towards me but I could shake it off that they told him first.
"BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!" Niall said in out burst
"Since you don't believe me at all Liam leave ok! Leave with your girlfriend now!". I shouted
I started to tear up as I watched Liam grab Andreas hand and leave my house. As they walked out of the door Liam turned his head to look at me and he looked mad but sad at me. I nodded my head and shut the door. When they left I ran past everyone not caring how much I was crying and went to my room. I shut the door and jumped on my bed crying my eyes out. Everything was happening so fast I didn't believe it. He believed her but not me ? And yet I still loved him , because the Liam down there was not him, I know Liam and some how it didn't seem like him. I kept my face in my pillow as I heard my bedroom door open, followed by a bunch of footsteps. I pulled my face away from the pillow a little bit to look up and see Louis sitting beside me and Zayn,Niall,Mike and Harry standing in front of me. I put my head back in the pillow and continued to cry. I felt Louis hand rub my back trying to make me feel better but it was not working. I lifted my head up and sat up a little bit to see all the boys looking at me.
"Its ok (YN) don't worry about it." Harry told me
"You don't speak right now." I said to him
"I'm sorry love,I just couldn't keep it in any longer"
"But still Harry! Now I have lost him forever."
"That was not Liam down there he didn't seem like him." Niall said
"I know, he may be gone for now but we will get him later." Mike said
"No he's gone and I'm never getting him back, I love him." I stated
"I don't understand why he didn't believe you?" Harry asked
"I don't know, maybe because it came from your mouth before mine!" I yelled
"I'm sorry (YN) please don't be mad at me!"
"Come here, I can't stay mad at you forever Harry."
I smiled a little bit and motioned Harry to walk over to me. He sat down on the bed and I hugged him. He put his head in the crock of my neck and I could tell he was smiling.
"I'm sorry (YN), I love you ."
"Its ok Harry, and I love you to."
Harry let go and I smiled to myself. I can't stay mad at him or the other boys forever.

Ok that was part 19 ! Sorry its up late ! Part 20 soon I promise! Please tell me what you think RT and read to :) -Becca

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