I am absolutely, totally FOR legalizing marijuana. That being said, I`d like to share with all my pro #420 people my theory on PBO`s reluctance to get into the legalization fight. I think some of us are missing a huge point in the "Obama sucks for not legalizing pot" argument, and that is that PBO CANNOT be the first Black president in the history of the United States and legalize a drug. No matter the enormity of the accomplishments he has accumulated, he would be solely known as the drug president because those who still control the documenting of history would record his legacy no other way. Now, if I am wrong and after he is re-elected he commemorates
his membership in the Choom Gang by going all out to legalize the #420HerbOfLife I`ll gladly smoke my words :) ¬°WEPA! #420IsGoodForYou
#420CanBringPeaceOnEarth #420TakesMeToAHappyPlace #Legalize420

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