Niall #imagine for @NitaHoran

you and Niall had a great relationship but he broke up with you due to the travelling and he didn't want you to get anymore hate, that was 4 months ago.
You and your current boyfriend had tickets to see One Direction in concert ad you totally forgot that you still had a lot of feelings for Niall. When the boys came on, Niall saw you and your boyfriend as you were in the third row, he suddenly seemed down.
It was just before More Than This when Niall made a little speech. "Right guys, 4 months ago you knew I had the perfect girlfriend, well I let her go and now seeing her here tonight with the right guy for her makes my heart break, I miss her and I wish I never broke up with her that is why I am dedicating More Than This to her, I love you and I always will."
Niall stared at you the whole song especially during his solo.

After the show after everyoone but you had left Niall came back out onto the stage and sat down on the edge and started crying into his hands, he was broken and he was the beautiful Niall Horan you was in love with.
"He wasn't the right guy for me Niall, you are." You say to him confidently from where you were sitting. He looked up and smiled hugely, jumped down from the stage and ran over to pick you up and crush in a hug.
"I'm never letting you go again babe." Niall said before kissing you like you have never been kissed before.

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