Part two:
The boys Pov: 
"Nath come on! Were already late enough as it is!" Jay yelled
"I'm comin, I'm comin bird just hold yourself together!" Nath said rushing down the steps.
We were already 10 minutes late  so we were going to have to hurry! We all ran to the van. Well that's a first! We actually running how about that? Today was the meet and greet with the 5 lucky fans. We really hope that they are something special! I have a feeling today is going to be good!
The girls pov: 
"Today is gonna be great!" Alex yelled at the top of her lungs.
"I know!" Breanna squealed in delight.
"Girls if your gonna act like this when we get there they might just run away!" Roni said laughing.
We all got our outfits together even though we had like 3 hours until we left. A girls gotta have time to look her best! Today we were going to put the entire incident and past in the farthest corner of our minds and actually enjoy the day! We got our clothes on and make up fixed. We looked down right sexy I have to say! Never looked better!  We got a taxi and the driver drove us to the little cafe on the corner cause that's where we were told to meet them. 
"I'm soooooo excited!" Jess said while jumping like a little girl who just got some cotton candy. 
"ahhhhhhhhh!" all of us screamed to try and get calm before we actually meet them. Then we died laughing cause the driver cringed and gave us a rather dirty look. He Finally stopped at the cafe and we got out. We hid behind the tree to get a look at them before we went in.
"ohhhhhhh they lookin good, especially Max!"Breanna whispered.
"don't forget Nath!" Alex butted in.
"And Tom!" Toni said.
"and Jay!" Veronica said.
"hey what about seev?!" Jess said.
We all about fell over laughing. We finally went in and about fangirled right in front of them but we reigned it in tight! We all said hi to eachother and sat next to our favorites, Alex and Nath,Roni and Tom,Breanna and Max,and Jess and Siva.thus was going to be the best day of our lives! 

*sorry if it's a tad boring right now! Action is to come;) feedback! * 

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