Part three:
The boys POV:
These girls are really something special. 
"Hey Tom I think these girls are keepers!" Jay whispered on the sly 
"HAHAHAHAHA I agree!" Tom said rather loud.
"agree to what?" Roni asked. 
Tom chuckles and says oh nothing babe. These girls treat us normal and aren't looking at us cause were famous! The times that happens are far and few between! 
Alex Pov:
Oh my were getting along so well! I think they actually like us! We have sat here for 3 hours just talking! I even forgot to drink my tea! Suddenly my phone goes off. I got a text from an unknown number. What I read made me go as pale as a ghost and everyone noticed. The text said: "I know where you are and I'm coming for you." Breanna instantly knew something was wrong because she asked "what's happened Alex?!" as she rushed to my side. All I could get out is "he's coming......he's found us Bre he's found us!" she knew what I was talking about and so did all the other girls. The moment we had been dreading the past year had finally came. He was coming and I guarantee he wouldn't leave us alive this time. 

*I had to throw a cliff in there;) I know it's short but I had to stop it at the cliffhanger I had to! Feedback:)?*

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