#Imagine Liam part three for @Pascale_NR.

Liam looks at you.
Do i need to be worried? He ask.
No, ofcrouse not, you smile.
Liam come with me, you grab his hand and take him to the bathroom.

Liam, i just found out that..i'm pregnant.
And you hand him the pregnancy test.
He just stares at it with big eyes and his mouth open.
It's extually kinda cute.

Am i gonna be...a daddy? He ask.
Yes, you smile a little.
Oh my god, i'm gonna be a dad! He yells.
He lift you up and spin around.
Oh Pascale, i love you so much, he say before he takes your hea din his hands and kiss you passionately.

Liam kneels down and kisses your stomach.
Hey there baby Payne, this is your daddy.
Be sweet for your mommy okay? she's a sweet woman.
You just laugh.
Liam is so cute.

It's gonna be nine months with horrible and great things.
But what ever is gonna happen, Liam is by your side.

Cookie, haha hope you like it xoxo Other cookie. :3

(i call her cookie because she's my besfriend okay)

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