#Imagine, Harry part 2. "Young Parents"

You're almost home when you get sick again.
Harry stop the car! you held your hand on your mouth.
He immediately stopped the car.
You open the door as you feel you need to throw up.

You feel Harry's hand rubbing your back.
Are you sick again? he asked worried.
It's okay Ha..you stopped when you throw up again.

Come on baby, i take you home, Harry helps you.
You sit back in your seat staring through the side window.
Are you okay? Harry asked.
Yes..you reply.

Sure? Harry asked again.
Yes Harry, now drive on.. you say irritated.

You came home and Harry helped you to bed.
I'm gonna make some soup for you okay? he gives you a sweet kiss on your cheek.

When Harry's gone you get out of bed, grab your bag and go to the bathroom.
You lock the door and take a pregnancy test out your bag.
your shaking a little.

you take deep breath and do the test.

Now, it's waiting till the test says "Positive" or "Negative"
you take that test in your hands when there appear something.

Shit! i'm pregnant...

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