#imagine being sat in a bar with your three bestfriends, out of the corner of your eye you see a boy, his brown hair shines as he sits joking with a few others, not realising your looking at him. You keep looking over to him, hoping he will notice you, now sat all on your own. Seeing all your friends having a good time you order yourself another drink. Standing at the bar, close enough for the boy to see you. But nothing. You lean facing away from him, hoping it`s soon time to go. Hearing your name being shouted you turns no start walking to your friends, but something stops you. A figure stands infront of you, his eyes slightly glazed over from the alcohol. His voice beautiful and soft, he touches your arm.
N:’your all alone?` he questions, almost confused as to why.
YN:`well done, you can state the obvious` you say slightly moody, trying to walk away, but he stops you once more.
N:`can I get you a drink?`
Your slightly hesitant, but agree, thinking one won`t hurt.

After a lot more drinks than you expected the bar is closing, all of your friends have gone. You pull your phone out trying to ring a taxi, but your stopped by Nathan`s lips connecting to yours. He hands travel through your hair as he grabs hold of your hand, pulling you outside, and around the corner into an alleyway. His hands travel down your back, but he`s soon stopped by the other lads seeing you. They mock him, but he doesn`t care. He takes you back to his, slamming the door shut behind you...

you wake up the next morning to the clothes chucked all over the room, and Nathan sat smiling cheekily at you..

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