Your boyfriend Zayn had taken you to Bradford to meet his parents, you met his parents and now were Zayn’s time to shop so he took you with him to a place called foster square?
“Please buy it, you look adorable in it” Zayn tells you as he hands you a very expensive dress “Seriously Zayn? Noo, I don’t want to buy it” You tell him. “Okay but please try it on?” He requests you. “What’s the point Zayn” you tell him, all the shops you had been to Zayn would expect you to buy or to try on an expensive item. “Fine, geez women, you on your period or something?” he smirked at you. You were absolutely starved at this moment Zayn had taken you to almost every store. “Selin look” he says pointing at a varsity jacket. “Can we get something to eat first?” you ask him while holding your grumbling stomach. “Sure babe” he says “There’s a McDonald’s around here we should go there.” You go there, eat and talk. “Are you less moody now” He says teasing you. You stick your tongue out at him…
Since you had food in you, you had the energy to shop more. Zayn takes you into the shop that sells Varsity jackets. “OMG Zayn you will look so good in this one please buy it” You gave him puppy dog eyes and handed it to him. He wore the jacket and looked at it, and then he looked you up and down and said “I want you to wear one?” You took a second look at the jacket and agreed. Even though you looked hideous in it the smile on Zayn’s face was priceless. “Ahaaa let me take a picture” he says pulling out his phone “oh my god Zayn” you say covering your face. “No babe, move your hands” He says coming towards you, “Noo, I look horrible” You say “Yeah right you look adorable, now move your hands” Zayn says as he pulls your hands, you let him “I hate you Zayn” you pout. “No you don’t” Zayn adds on “I’ll take the picture if you take it with me?” Zayn smirks at you before coming close to you. He positions his phone and says “Smile” just before the camera clicked Zayn tickled you making you laugh. You check the picture and look at him seriously, he smiles at you and you couldn’t hold in your laugh, you hit him playfully on the arm. “Idiot” You says “Take another one” This time you both stick your tongues out at the camera. You both laugh at the picture and then realize that people were staring and ‘awh’ing.’ You blush then take the jacket off. You see directioners taking pictures of you and Zayn through the shop windows. You smile and wave. Zayn bought two jackets one for you and one for him, he also bought you the dress which you didn’t want… ♥ ♥

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