Dear @PlasticBieber ;

Let me tell you a little something about One Direction & Directioners.
We have a love for those 5 boys that you clearly are underestimating. Saying those boy don`t have talent? That`s like saying you`re not fucked up in the head.
I`ve been watching your tweets about the 5 boys who mean everything to me, & I was sickened.
Harry Styles & Niall Horan are ugly? Bitch please. They get more pussy than Ashton Kutcher.
Liam hates us? He does Twitcams, follow sprees, etc.
Louis is sassy? Damn right he is. He`s got sass, ass, & class.
& Zayn? It`s pathetic that you judge him on his religion. & let me remind you, he`s only half Paki. It not only sickens me, but it makes me want to slap the shit out of you.
My idols saved my life. They are a fucking inspiration to me & every other directioner. Don`t underestimate our love.
& you love Justin? How can you love when you`re heartless?
Get a mother fucking clue.
I hope you receive help, cause love, you need it.
Have a good fucking day. x

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